Finding C5 and C6 for Exploration

Hey, so I just got into a Stratios for the first time today. I heard you can get around 100M - 170M for C5 and C6 Data/Relic sites.

All good in theory but…

Problem is I have been scanning around low sec for about 45 minuets now and all I have found is a few C3s and a few K162s that lead to K-Space.

What’s the best/fastest way to find a C5/C6 Wormhole?

That c5/c6 figures are for blue loot when you kill the npcs at the site, and for killing them you need a fleet of remote repair ships or a dread. The hacking cans are hardly worth 5m isk though. One specific can named Talocan can net some tech 3 relics ( that can be transformed into T3 blueprints, but they take a lot of cargo, and you can only hack after the npcs are killed. So overall, relic and data in C5/C6 are combat sites, not exploration sites.

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Also C5/6 are usually connected to other WHs not K space, so you have to chain down through other WHs. But like he said its not doable solo unless your in a dread.

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A stratios alone can’t clear a relic/data site in C5/C6. we are talking about several thousands of dps.
but, there are 2 exceptions : in C5 only, one relic and one data have a realy low dps first wave (around 400dps + neut + scramb). you can tank it with a passiv shield ship. I heard strat can do that. personaly, I did it some time ago with a shield myrmidon.

warp in, drop a mobile depot, kill every npc BUT NOT THE LAST ONE. if you trigger the next wave your are dead.
refit with analyser, hack, loot
refit stab (because the last npc point you)
scoop your mobile depot and warp out

but, sadly, the loot is basiquely worthless except when you find a “talocan” can. there you can find more than 100M isk, but it not apear very often.

so, imo, it’s not realy worth it, except for the chalenge or as a personal achielvement. you better do regulars relic site in C1-3

You can either search through k-space and hope to find a wandering entrance (any very large WH to dangerous/deadly space will go to C5/C6.)

A quicker option is probably to go through J-space. Find a decent chain and work your way to higher classes, usually these routes will be several hops long and pass through c4 on the way.

That said:

A C6 relic site drops about 600m in blue loot and does about 6k dps, your stratios will last a few seconds at most, the recommended ship is a capital ship and even those will have trouble solo. Once the site is cleared you reship to a hacking ship for the cans (but as others have also said, those are fairly worthless compared to the drops.)

A better choice for a stratios is to run sleeper relic sites in C1 or C2 space.

remote capacitor shield nesters is a good way of clearing the dps from a data/relic site, 2 nesters can clear a c5 site. you may need 3-4 nesters to do a c6 site

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