Best Looking Skin in EVE Online 🎁

I challenge anyone to present a better-looking skin than the Blood Raider Skin.

Any ship goes

I like the default skins better.

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If only you’d not see the tiling on the Blood Raider skins. It’s really annoying and ugly on most ships. Ruins the entire skin for me. (Not to mention the stretching and low pixel resolution)

My favorite skin is anything from the Yoiul Festival YC121 skins:

Black, Gold, tacky, flags. Can’t get any better


This used to be a nice skin before I flew through a gravel cloud:

A little elbow grease and this one will polish up real nice:

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Guys keep it up apparantly this thread is not spam :slight_smile: Please share name of the skins if you share :slight_smile: Ty

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The Angle’s Hex skins are pretty dope. Unfortunately they are animated so it’s probably best to watch them ingame.

Mine :wink:

Drekavac…Deadspace Dreamtime skin

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The Spirit SKIN line (I think is what they are called now)

And the flaming abyssal SKIN for the Gila (dunno what’s it called)

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I have a question for you after reading the ship name Holiday Dragon.

Do you by any chance fit a ship just specifically equipped for each of the fireworks that there are in New Eden and name those ship hulls after each fireworks? I think it would be a fantastic way of sorting along with storing your spectacular dazzling fireworks collection.

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Nah it would be pointless to fit for specific fireworks as the launchers can handle every firework type. The name you mention comes from the fact that is explained in the title of that screenshot:

So it is a holidays fireworks breathing dragon as it can breath both fire(works) and snow(balls). :wink:

Minmatar Rupture Cruiser with Permaband Roadies Ship Skin

Venture Paydirt Prospector Skin is by far my favorite. The deep blue, bronze/brown, and goldenrod highlights are amazing. I got this skin a LONG time ago for less than a billion ISK and I feel fortunate to have it.



I like this skin.

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Imperial jubilee.

The Hecate is cool looking ship. The flying wing works when the design gets it right and they got it right.

I want the chrome Thorax back.

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