Best Skin Ever?

So the capsule skin that CCP released as part of the Zakura event is now basically my favourite skin of all time … pink, purple, and blue … what’s not to like?!

So I thought that I’d start a thread about favourite limited edition skins, either for capsules or ships.

Do you have one? Some? Please post screen shots if you have them (although reasonable sized please - mine are sized to 54%).

Lastly, A plea to CCP: Please, please can you get the Devs to make nicer colour skins available (like this one) for other stuff too please? Some of us are really bored with standard macho colour palettes and would really like to see more pink, purple and blue!



Cold Iron. Available for a ton of ships, actually makes your ships visually invisible from certain angles in certain dark systems, and most importantly: It does not come from the NES. Every skin that originates from the NES is by default hideous.


Preach it, brother!


Yeah, that Capsule Skin is definitely psychedelic…

I have 5 active Capsule skins, Zakura Hansei, Upwell, YC119 ‘Capsuleer Day’, Capsuleer Elite XV and Capsuleer Day XVII. Out of all those Capsule skins I like the YC119 ‘Capsuleer Day’ skin the best:

As for ship skins, there’s a lot of really nice ones. I have a total of 186 active ship skins and it’s really tough to pick one as favorite. But since you’re talking about Limited Edition Skins, I’ll have to pick the Permaband Roadies Ship Skin. They were only available for a short time and for only 1 Cruiser from each of the 4 main Factions. Naturally since I’m Minmatar I got the one for my Rupture:


I’m gonna have to disagree.

In the past I’ve gotten some cool looking skins from the NES.

Casino skins for the triangle people are by far the shinyest, I bought a few of them and they now trade above 10bn. A lot of work went into them it would seem as they change the ship model unlike most other skins, they have hologram projectors too.

Quite rare from IRL world tour player events, so likely sub 400 copies of each. They did trade at 3bn Isk on day one but even at 10bn+ take a look, perfection.

Liminal crossing for triangle people is also as rare and given in same manner and look good but they are not casino perfection, trading at 4bn or abouts.

I think there would bee outrage at any re-issue of these so they’ll likely make solid investment.

Can we have a screenshot please?

I like the new zakura skins… a bit more colorful.

Most of the old one are boring… looks like 1001 inconspicuousness variations of grey.

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Another favourite skin of mine (I’d have this paint job on all my ships if I could!), a Skiff with the Rosada Dawn Skin installed.


This skin was sold way back in 2016 as a Breast Cancer Awareness Month charity fundraiser. 100% of the proceeds was converted (from Aurum to real world cash) and then donated to Bleika Slaufan (website in English) or The Pink Ribbon Campaign (part of the Icelandic National Cancer Association).

I wish CCP would create more charity fundraising skins like this because I think, a bit like Project Discovery, it’s a win on all fronts.


I have a station container full of the best skins ever!

I’ve been gathering them over the years, this collection of mine. Some are prettier than others, but I’m certain they’re the best skins. They’re really shiny and smooth, with all these pretty textures. Some people may spend their time in station spinning, I just admire the skins I’ve collected.

It’s a shame those skin textures get affected by the cold dark space after time and that we need to clean them from time to time. It’s hard to keep those skins moisturised without letting them rot…

Does anyone else too have a container full of corpses?

If some of them are limited edition ones for applying to spaceships, then we’d love to see them. Please share screenshots.

God! People are just obsessed with violence, killing, death, gloating and salt! Can people please stick to the theme stated in the OP? Please?

No disrespect intended @Gerard_Amatin, but if you really want a thread where people can share their pictures of corpses, would you mind awfully taking it to another thread please? Thanks.


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Ohh… you mean those skins? Those things for ships?

Sorry. Forget what I said.

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Very droll. Ho! Ho! Ho!


So much violence and antipathy :pleading_face:

I don’t dare post much in General topics. I don’t want to be attacked by knowitalls and be told this game isn’t for me.
I read the threads, smh and leave.

I guess it is what it is, as they say.

This any better?

C’mon, Mu’ad - this is EvE after all. …or maybe was…


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