Best NPC corp to do missions for in the forge?

I’ve been doing a lot of missions for Lai Dai Corporation, but i just realized that they don’t have any l4 agents in HS.


CN is always a good idea. You can also look for other NPC corporations on Dotlan and check their agents.

Caldari navy so you pay a lower transaction fee in Jita 4-4.

Expert Distribution offers L1-L4 and standings with them will give you access to the Caldari Epic Arc. However, the only L4 Security agent is in Null, but they have L4 Distribution agents in HS.

If you don’t care about Epic Arc access the Caldari Navy is your best choice.

Expert Housing is another distribution as well, and if you want to raise Caldari Factions up, you can generate up to 6 Storyline missions per day blitzing those missions.

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