Best proving grounds to date

I must say ccp really impressed me today proving grounds event 47 (Exploration Frigate FFA). This is hands down the best most fun ive had in a proving grounds event. First off gating everyone to T1 mods only is a great idea because now everyone is on a level playing field no more 400mil sp accounts winning only because they have level 5 on every skill in the game. Then the addition of the de-buff and buff mines was just a brilliant idea, no joke who ever came up with this idea pls ccp give them a raise or promote them they earned it. I know the proving grounds are still debated as to if they should be in the game at all, but this event proves that is can be fun and fair if done right. PLS CCP keep doing ideas like this not just in the proving grounds but outside them as well. Great work today!

PS. the only thing i don’t like about this event is that is only lasted 24 hours :frowning:

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Sad I missed out cause of work.

But positive feedback is good!


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