Feedback: EXTREMELY UPSET that 1v1 Proving Grounds are over! (especially when it said 25-29th)

Obviously I’m aware that it IS the 29th and therefore ends today, but I was hoping my understanding of “1v1 Proving Grounds available September 25-29th” meant it’d be THROUGH the 29th (and therefore really ending on the 30th)… Obviously I’m wrong… and that’s fine… but really? 7:00am EST on the 29th? Not even noon at CCP… Doesn’t really count as “available on September 29th” IMO …

I would have preferred it just said 25-28th… that way the few extra hours of the event until the downtime on the 29th would just feel like a bonus. Doing it this way feels like I’ve been robbed 1/2 the day (or the entire day here in the US)… It’s a minor gripe though when 1v1 frigate PvP, being so basic, should just be a permanent part of the game.

The rest of this post is discussing the merits of 1v1 frigate PvP and why it should be a permanent feature. (Just so CCP knows there ARE customers out there who want permanent 1v1 Frigate PvP. We might be silent, I cant speak for others, but I’m sure I’m not alone.) Please skip to the TLDR if you don’t care about my personal experience with the event.

I have been a LONG term EVE player since 2003 (this isn’t my main), off and on, actively playing at least 3-6 months out of every year, sometimes more. But being intermittent, I am a solo player 95% of the time.

Now I love the ship and module mechanics and the nature of combat in EVE. That’s why I keep coming back. I love making fits and throwing my ideas against the wall and seeing how they work. But I’m sorry, the older I’ve gotten the less time I have to go on 4 hour roams or gate camps hoping that I MIGHT find a fight that is even remotely competitive and relatively even. (Because of this I’m mainly a FW player since that’s the best way to get even remotely reliable and even fights.)

I have been waiting for a way to have organized and even 1v1 fights in EVE for the past 15+ years… Specifically FRIGATE fights where I can just try fit after fit and use them up like candy because of their cost. The second I heard that Proving Grounds were going to be a thing I have been following the Proving Grounds events ever since they were announced, just waiting and waiting for 1v1 Frigate PvP to finally be a thing. The fact that it is restricted to T2 mods and below is an amazing addition that is the icing on the cake.

On Friday I specifically resubbed Omega and dropped $40 on PLEX solely to dump a billion ISK on the 1v1 Proving Grounds and grind as many games as I possibly could. (Yes I have ISK on my main, but I wanted to go ham and not worry about cutting into my own funds… I figured “I’ve waited 15 years for this, I can splurge a little”)

Due to work I was only able to 1v1 PvP 1-2 hours here and there throughout the weekend, but today I have off work and was 100% just beginning my day-long binge of PvP, I figured I could do about 10 matches per hour and was (am) fully ready to grind until I literally pass out tonight. (I got like 3 rounds in before the servers went down for DT).

I’m just upset that a feature that should be a standard part of the game is limited to a 4-day span… Oh well… Guess I’ll wait around on the sidelines again waiting for the next 1v1 Frigate PvP event…

TLDR: Frigate 1v1 PvP should be a permanent feature of the game.

  • It is the lowest cost fun you can have in EVE.
    Even us casuals can afford to repeatedly die in frigates. And I’d be a lot less casual if I could PvP whenever I wanted without wasting my time.

  • Standard Frigates are the one thing Alpha clones can do decently.
    Permanent 1v1 PvP will give Alphas a taste of PvP combat in an easily accessible, lower-stress environment. This will allow more new players to get familiar with, and thus interested in, PvP. (I would never personally PvP without Omega because my skills are much higher than Alpha but the point still stands.)

  • It stimulates the economy greatly.
    Everything from less used, low cost Meta 2-4 items to the T2 mods industry, and obviously Frigates. Even as little as I did play, maybe 30-40 rounds, I could tell I was making a big impact in the Amarr trade hub. Obviously it’s no Jita, but I’m also only 1 person.

  • It will always have players queuing
    Because it is open to Alpha clones, because is the cheapest PvP possible due to frigates and Meta 5 items or less, because it only requires 2 players for a match; I think this mode could easily survive as a permanent feature and always have active players.

There is no reason not to add this as a permanent feature… If people stop queuing for it CCP can always put it back on an event cycle.



I thought a facepalm emoji would be a good response.


lmao touché
yet not unexpected

Instanced PvP has no place in the sandbox.

Maybe now they will undo the nerfs to ECM they made to support 1v1.

So THRILLED it is over!


Addressing only the title:

All EVE multi-day event times are from downtime on the starting date to downtime on the ending date. This has been the case for a very long time. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t understand that, but does it really merit a ragepost intro to your thread?


If you are only addressing the title, then you should see that I’m “EXTREMELY UPSET that 1v1 Proving Grounds are over!” in general, and that the part in parenthesis about the date is a minor addition.

The part about the 29th is a minor annoyance at best, just as I mentioned in the very first paragraph. The major point of the post is being upset that the event is over in general, and showing that there IS in fact a demand for this.

So IF there is any ‘rage’ to be had at all, it’s the fact that this isn’t a permanent feature (yet?). There is no downside, and I haven’t heard ONE logical reason from the “instanced PVP has no place in a sand-box game” crowd that has any validity. Their reasoning only extends as far as their own point of view which basically comes down to “I will have less solo frigate noobs to stomp in my 5bil ISK Gila” … I hate to tell those guys, but it wont change their gameplay that much… The people that want competitive solo PvP (in the sense that it’s 1v1 and Meta level restricted) are not out there roaming around to get stomped on anyway, they just aren’t playing.

I’m only trying to bring it to CCP’s attention that there IS a community of players out there that ABSOLUTELY DO want this feature. Many of us have been around just as long as anybody else and have been waiting for a feature like this. We are not ‘noobs’ for wanting this.

Also, just because something has been the case for a long time doesn’t mean it’s the way it should be. There are countless examples where, in fact, the old way of doing something is terrible but is persisted through tradition, because “that’s the way it’s always been”.

The single shard nature of the game has actually been a selling point for a lot of players (fyi, CCP has actually advertised this). Now, this point might not be important to you, and you might think that PvP arenas might be good for the game, but you should still be able to sympathize with these guys. I mean, CCP sold the game to players as one thing, and are now making it into something else.

Anyway, instanced content wouldn’t be a big deal if New Eden was bursting at the seems with players, or if it was a more of a theme park oriented MMO. But it’s not. The eve playerbase is relatively small, and it’s a PvP centric sandbox. A significant portion of the content comes from interaction from other players (and, imho, it’s some of the best content that Eve has to offer). And believe it or not, it’s not just the hunters and blobs and whatnot that suffer. Even the hunted lose content. For example, I got my first solo kill when trying to protect a buddy who had fallen asleep in a belt from a ganker. And I’ve gotten to play the hero many times after that. I’ve outrun gate camps, killed would be attackers, pooped out disrespect cans and warped off as hunters landed on grid, and all that good stuff. And when I’ve died, I’ve learned from my losses and gotten better.

Now, I’m not sure instanced content is the devil. For example, alliance tournament participants would apparently spend large amounts of time training on the test server (and, of course, the AT is instanced content). But the AT tournament was also the biggest thing that kept many of these guys engaged with the game. And some of those same guys would also create a crap ton of content for other people by FC’ing fleets and running player groups. So, even arena PvP that took players out of the game world still indirectly created a lot of content. Thus, it’s possible that the same thing is happening for the abyss and proving grounds. Yes it takes people out of the game world, but if it keeps a significant amount of players coming back that wouldn’t otherwise, then it’s probably a good thing. After all, people who engage with this stuff tend not to do it to the exclusion of all other content. But, I’m just speculating here. I haven’t seen any metrics or anything; so I could be completely wrong.


I have literally gone BROKE - I had overplayed the ■■■■ out of this game the last few days. I thoroughly enjoyed it and there was more aspects to it than just “iNsTaNcEd PvP”

I hate this game as much as anyone in the forums. There was so much more to it. I bought my filaments and fits from Hek and it was crazy to see the rise in regular items, meta modules and rigs. Comets nearly sold out in Hek, there was no more Vigil Fleet Issues left!

If you didn’t play this you totally missed out. Just saying.

I would hate this feature if it was permanent but it’s not. They are doing it right.

I am so vibing with you right now :relaxed:

Same here I had misunderstood their date label and pulled 10 more Firetails out of the Industry Window and fitted them for Abyssal 1v1’s and found out they were over. Spent the rest of my money turning them into lowsec fits, no problem.

ACTUALLY this would ruin it for me. I like that it was just a little event with it’s own prizes. I just wish we could see the end-results in game somewhere. I ranked in the 210’s somewhere. I would have loved to see who was top Frigate PVPer.

SAME in Hek. That was a wild thing to watch. I actually had to set my clone to Rens to buy my Comets and Firetails because someone (me) bought up all the Ghoul nosferatu’s and relisted them for a scammy price. :laughing:

@Black_Pedro has an awesome breakdown about the problems of Abyssal pvp here:

It had a big effect on other parts of the game, 1v1’s Frigates especially killed Faction Warfare and lowsec PVP in general. This is basically no different when the entire game would take a break for a couple weeks around the Alliance Tournament imo but also a reason why we shouldn’t let it be permanent. Enjoy it while it lasts and look forward to next time.

You should get help. Or friends. Or both.

When these players play solely for the arena, they will tend to complain about what the game actually is, because any potential interference in-game is far out of the way of what these people want. These people coming back solely for the arena is good, but these same people leaving again, once its over, is better. They don’t care about EVE at all, otherwise they wouldn’t be playing solely during the arena events.

He does not even know that, whenever CCP offers time frames, these time frames always end at downtime. It has always been like this. Assuming anything else exposes that he doesn’t give a damn about the game, or anything that happens inside of it.

Join us over here in FW :slight_smile:

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They should rather bring back the old cruiser 1v1 room at the end of pve sites

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