Best ships for wormhole space?

I’m looking for a ship tree for Exploration and Wormhole Space. Currently I am using a Probe, but I want to know what is the next step. I have logged about 40 hours in game so far. In keeping with the golden rule, “Don’t fly what you can’t replace,” I am looking at a budget between 4-16 Mill. I am a Minmatar Alpha clone.

IMO stick with the probe…the next step-up is a bit of a big one (Astero).

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The Sunesis will offer you some variation, its large cargo hold and excellent scan probe bonus make it a good multi-purpose scan ship. It won’t do the hacking sites as well as your probe, but it will open up some highsec combat sites and it may deter a lone bomber from jumping you in J-space.

The Venture is a great ship for wormholes, cheap and slippery. And iirc Alphas can mine gas, which is pretty good isk. Here is an article that covers the basics.

Welcome to New Eden James Castillos, fs.

Astero. Or even Stratios if you have ISK.

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