Hello is it the exploring ship Astero or Stratios best ship in the wormhole I like to do scanner and hack for isk sorry about language.

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Yes, those are the best ships for exploration. They have great hacking and scanning bonuses. The covert ops cloak is also very helpful.

Edit: Astero is what most people choose.

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Both are good choices, though as a pure scan and hack ship, rather than needing combat ability, the Astero has the edge: more agile and cheaper - which helps when trying to escape.

A covert cloak is really a must though. Without it you are an obvious target. The idea is to not get caught. And the first bit of that is “not be seen”.

The covert ops cloak requires Omega skills (for good balance reasons). Omega also gives you access to T2 Covert Ops ships such as the Anathema or the Helios. These T2 ships (each of the empires have one) are the pinnacle of pure scan/scout and hack - as good at the role as an Astero and half the cost.

No need to apologise for your English being better than my anything else!


Thank you I only now start to play but friends recommend this to make money.

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don’t do explo just to “make money”, do it because you like explo and find it fun (scanning, hacking, diving into wormholes etc). Eve is not a job.


As others will say: don’t grind for ISK - that will kill any sense of enjoyment.

Most things will generate ISK for you, exploration, mining, mission running, combat (loot the wrecks of your victims), industry (but make sure you are actually making a profit). Choose what you enjoy, then understand how you are making ISK from it.

ISK is not a scoring mechanism, there is no “win” in Eve, only your own satisfaction and enjoyment.

You can have a lot of fun in modest ships - You don’t need to fly a billion ISK faction fitted bling-mobile (or “piñata” as they are known to some). I spend most of my time in small ships: they are cheap, flexible tools for most trades. An exploration frigate is a wonderful thing for dabbling in a wormhole. Ninja Mining: sneaking into someone else’s playpen and stealing their ore or gas is a delight. Running a mission in an undersized ship, dodging and weaving to manage the incoming fire. Running fleet e-war support from a frigate, crippling an enemy for your friends to kill. Or flying logistics to keep them safe. All a lot of fun.
And all in nice cheap ships - you also learn how to fly rather than “press orbit, press F1” which will serve you well as you progress.

So saying, Exploration is fun and an interesting way to get lost deep into the game - look and read about what you find rather than just “play hacking boxes” and you’ll see how detailed New Eden really is. Explore rather than just loot the sites.


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