What ship to run security for frined exploring wormholes?

My buddy is set up for scan and exploration in wormholes, frigate size. I’d like to run security for him. I have a Daredevil, but not sure it’s armor is sufficient.



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I mean exploration is really not something you use security for. Exploration ships are (should be) cheap and small / fast. When an explorer gets jumped he runs away, if he gets scrammed he pretty much dies. Give it a go by all means but bare in mind the situation isn’t ideal.

2x asteros would be your best bet, he runs sites and you stay cloaked waiting for possible hostiles. Only engage if hostiles are frigates or destroyers, otherwise you both will be dead.

Edit: do not engage if the wormhole has Wolf-Rayet effect (specially if in a shattered wormhole). Frigates and destroyers (except drone boats) there can get serious DPS.


https://forums.eveonline.com/u/Keno_Skir Thanks, but we’re gonna give it a try. The question is which ship/fit would you recommend for stated purpose: Help out buddy who is exploring by trying to keep him alive.

Thanks, I will explore the Astero . What is Wolf-Rayet? Not in Glossary, and the links i find refer to it without an explanation.

Most security for explorers is situational awareness. Any 2nd ship can help with that. An astero will work as mentioned above but is limited in what it can attack. A Stratios or Loki has a much larger engagement profile. A Falcon if you just want to help him escape.


Wolf Rayet is a type of wormhole effect that gives bonus to small weapons. On C13 shattered wormholes (wormholes that allows only frigates, destroyers and heavy interdictors), this bonus is equal to the Class 6 bonus, or 200% bonus to small weapons, among other bonuses.


Edit: if you are not restricted to frigates, Loki or Stratios is by far your best options as Shiloh said. If you are restricted to frigates, get yourself and your buddy an astero each.

take cheap ships, when I see a Frig doing sites, I only attack when I already have the site bookmarked. A Loki or Stratios I would hunt and get it sooner or later.

If you succeed some time with your Loki-Backup you will get baited sooner or later.

I suggest to take a T1 frig for hacking and a T2 or Astero for scanning an maybe take care of a citadel or the entrance and after a hacked site you transfer the loot to the cloaky.

The best ship is frinedship?

Alright dude I got ya :slight_smile:

Take a Griffin (ECM) Frigate so that when a tackler decloaks and grabs your explorer you can try to ECM it and both run. Griffin also mega cheap but very effective. It’s possible you might avoid some ganks purely by having a griffin on dscan.

Good luck

Covert OPs ship, keep MWD some where you can click it fast, orbit at 2.5km from the can, if someone shows up and they are decloaking you have 5 seconds for them to decloak unless it’s a bomber and they can instant lock you, any other ship has 5 seconds to cool down, this is by far enough time to hit that mwd and cloak. You can’t cloak next to a can so remember orbit your cans at 2.5km and if someone pops up, INSTANTLY hit the corner of your visible screen, hit mwd, and hit cloak. DO NOT try to ■■■■ around with the overview selecting a place to go, don’t even bother closing your hacking sceen, find a point in space and click click click it, hit MWD and CLOAK and BAM you’ve found the secret to the covert ops ships success, and then warp off from there.

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Hit cloak, and then MWD.

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Since you guys are running frigs, I’d suggest two Asteroi… one security frig won’t do much, most times; you won’t be dropped by lone frigs, but covert cruiser stuff, T3s, and faction OP frigs. But OFC it’s up to you two… just don’t expect a Daredevil to counter their Orthrus

… Hit them both with in the same server tick it doesn’t matter. You hit cloak first and wait 1 second, you CAN’T HIT MWD, so you’re actually wrong.

It’s called the MWD+CLOAK trick, not cloak + mwd trick.

You’re wrong. The Cloak-MWD trick (in that order) enables you to achieve minimum velocity to warp whilst aligning. You must cloak and hit MWD in sequence, then when the MWD cycle is 95% completed, you uncloak and warp. Also useful for avoiding being bumped when after jumping a camped hole.


Edit: a vid

You’re wrong, if you hit cloak and scratch your nose you can’t click MWD. End of story.

no …try it and you will discover a new feature.

You can do both, but if you do MWD first your speed will decrease in that moment you hit the cloack button.
If you cloak first the mwd cycle runs fully and your speed will nearly reach topspeed.

The Same mechanics like oversized propmod Hic with open bubble.

I’ve hauled for years, I’ve done the trick. I’ve gone through hundreds of gate camps in 8 years. You slowing down is negligible, you can always instant warp right at the end either way you do it. Problem with pressing CLOAK first, is if you fumble, you can not activate a MWD while cloaked, and there for you just played yourself and died at the gate camp. Because you’re going to be slow boating away, and before you realized what happened someone is going to ram you and decloak you bam death.

I’m providing you evidence but believe what you will.

Indeed, the time window is small, but it’s still viable and the right way to do it. Cloak, MWD in sequence.

Edit: specially for WH shenanigans, if you MWD then Cloak, it will impair your velocity considerably, making you easier to bump decloak. emphasized text

is that why you lost 3 covert Ops in the last 3 days? You discribe the Warp trick for non-covertops Ships.