BEST T4-T5 Abyss Gila fit found

I haven’t changed anything, and the only difference so far has been that I lost a drone for the first time in forever to one of the drone battlecruisers. If you stick with the navy drones, they can still tank a ton and you can always launch a new one if one is popped as you have 10 of the things and they’re cheap as hell, so no bother. For implants, I just use the CA-1, CA-2, CA-3, CA-4, and a bunch of 3% hardwirings for speed, shield and missiles.

The drone damage implant isn’t really that important, speed and agility are your main focus in this fit. Between the CA bonuses, hardwirings, cheap Agency speed boosters, and the Abyssal rolled c-type MWD, you get well over 2km/s without even overloading the MWD and can kite everything no problem. I tried a full high-grade Halo set on the test server to reduce signature radius and see if that made a difference, but it was actually worse than the CA set for kiting and was very sluggish to control.

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Yeah for Dark the Sac is so good, personally I just sell my darks but the Sac is a beast in there. I can see why you might want to squeeze more DPS out of your fit when running the thermal sites as they can often be quite slow due to the armour HP buff. But you should be able to do electricals in 15 minutes while picking up all the containers easily.

I don’t quite understand this, are you saying that you carry different drones and switch them during the site to hit different targets? And that you carry slower drones like the hammerheads for slow targets and faster drones (Valks?) for small targets? Because pulling your drones back in during a pocket is a massive waste of DPS time, and using anything but the drone damage type that corresponds to the site’s resistance penalty is a big DPS decrease.

There are rogue drone frigates in there that take 1-2 hits but I’m not aware of any other ship weak enough to be one-hit by a pair of Gila drones. I’m more than happy to give the augmenteds a try and find out if they make a difference, but at 30m+ a pop and with the Gila drone HP nerf I would still be much more confident in the Navy drones.

Ah, but in an MWD fit it often takes virtually no extra time to collect them, that’s the trick. You’re always aligning to some point in space in order to maintain range, so you plan a course that takes you past the containers. That’s probably how I’m able to complete sites in the same time as you (about 15 mins) but still pick up most or all of the containers.

This was my initial reaction too, but there’s a sweet spot for kiting that you can get into with minimal cost. Just roll C-type deadspace MWDs with mutaplasmids until you get one with low signature and high speed, fit Thukker shield extenders, and use X-instinct booster if it makes you more comfortable (though I’ve not noticed much of a difference).

With the MWD running, your sig only blooms to around 920m and you can even orbit the drone/drifter battleships with the MWD on (or pulse it to stay close) and not get hit. The fit just sits in this nice little sweet spot of signature radius and speed that works without even needing to overheat anything, and the MWD gives you well over 2km/sec. An AB fit is about half that when overloaded, unless it’s a 100mn AB or you’re using Snakes?

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Yes, and it isnt that bad really. Lets say you have a mix of a few frigs, few destroyers, few cruisers and a battleship or 2. I’ll use Vespas on all the frigs, destroyers and some of the cruisers as I am flying toward the battleship taking the fight with me. My drones are short range so there is really no loss. Switch them, finish off last cruiser or 2 using hammers and throw them on the battleships. Somewhere along the line I also tend to pop the cache and eitehr pick it up on my way or leave it if its next to the gate.

The problem with drones comes only when you get a Tessera spawn. Rest of the time they are managable as normal. Tesseras will kill your drone in 2 shots, so as soon as first shot lands, you gotta switch them. What I do is go on tight orbit on the last one in the group, like 2.5 km or around tehre and kill them all. This way I stay short range to my drones. Augmented Vespas regenerate their shields the fastest, so you can cycle them fastest as they sit in drone bay and wait on shields, and I can rep their armor before jumping to next room.

They really are not a big deal.

You can orbit these with anything on or off, you can even go to 500 orbit and shut off any prop mod you got entirely regardless of what it is. Shut off tank, shut of prop, not get hit, regen cap or rep your drones.

around 7 shots, we have many time to change droids…
And experience shows that you need to use only the MWD. Because very often I skip a large group through 2 times and heavy ships do not do anything for me. And I kill all small frigates fast. This is freedom, and not the case when you tank surrounded by crowds of enemies. Afteburner that give you 1700 speed? With 300-400m price, with luck of Abyss tranceformation, with owerheating? Too hard. Afteburner too hard, too slow.

The worst there is Leshak spawn. And in terms of damage and energy neutralizing. Yesterday, with one battery, I lost 438 energy/1 leshak/each 24 secs. With two battery 300+. I barely have time to kill. When there are 6 or more, only a very expensive ship can survive. I think the passive gila has no chance.

Interesting, so I ran some calculations and then did some practical tests on the test server to confirm the damage ranges. In a -70% Thermal pocket using a triple imperial DDA fit, Augmented hammerheads deal 502 applied DPS after adjusting for the resistance penalty against a drifter BS. Navy hammerheads in the same situation deal 499 applied DPS, so the augmented drones only win out slightly with a 70% thermal resistance site penalty. In a 50% penalty room, that’s 460 DPS for augmented and 440 for navy, so the gap is a bit larger there.

The Augmented Vespas are a bit more complicated. They’ll deal only 419 DPS in this circumstance, so navy hammerheads will always deal more DPS than them in a -70% or -50% thermal pocket. They are a little faster in MWD speed so there could be less DPS time lost moving between targets, but their tracking speed is only slightly better than Navy Hammerheads. The vespas may deal more damage than navies against anything with extremely low starting thermal resistance though, so they will specifically perform better against rogue drone frigates but that’s about it.

Not sure it’s worth risking 30m per vespa on that benefit, but they are about the same as navy drones otherwise and they have tons of shield so it makes sense. And of course this is all optimised for thermal sites only (and a similar argument for Kinetic sites maybe), once you go into EM and Explosive sites the augmented drones should always be worse than navy.

The Tessera rogue drone battlecruisers definitely don’t 2-shot my drones even after the nerf, but I have lost a few to them. In practical tests, I found the augmented hammerheads very quickly lost their shields and needed to be rotated, resulting in lost DPS time even if you’re using a close range setup instead of kiting. With the navies, I could keep them attacking longer and that more than compensated for the tiny DPS difference.

What I like about Navy hammerheads is that you literally never have to recall them because they’re so tanky and cheap. They also usually actually survive Tessera spawns if you make them attack the ship that’s attacking them as the tessera can’t hit orbiting drones.

A passive MWD gila can definitely do the 7 Leshak spawn in tier 5 sites just fine, and it costs under 3b for the ship and implants. The trick I use is to MWD straight through them and kill each one in turn, focusing on Renewing, then Starving, then everything else. The MWD will get you within 30km (missile range) before your capacitor is empty, and your combined missile and drone dps is enough to kill them before they kill you. A thermal resistance amplifier helps a lot against their damage, and once you get close to them you’ll have about 20 seconds with the MWD shut off where they can’t track you.

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Today I made several abysses of level 5. Unfortunately I have to admit that my super fit is relevant only for level 4. It is good for him. But for level 5, only an afteburner is needed and a pankrat tractor is needed. That fit that feels good there. And you need to carry with you both level two drones and sea drones. To change them when great strength is required. But usually still use T2 drones. Here is a new fit. I made about 10 abysses including fiery ones with him.
C3-X ‘Hivaa Saitsuo’ Ballistic Control System
Imperial Navy Drone Damage Amplifier
Imperial Navy Drone Damage Amplifier

Pithum A-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field
Pithum A-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field
Pithum A-Type Thermal Dissipation Amplifier

Federation Navy 10MN Afterburner
Gist X-Type Large Shield Booster
Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery

Corpii A-Type Small Energy Nosferatu or Drone link Augementor I
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II,Inferno Fury Light Missile
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II,Inferno Fury Light Missile
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II,Inferno Fury Light Missile
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II,Inferno Fury Light Missile

Medium Semiconductor Memory Cell I
Medium Semiconductor Memory Cell I
Medium Semiconductor Memory Cell II

T2 and Navy drones

Pankrat Tractor
Pyronacea Dose III
Standart or Strong Blue Pill Booster (or another shield amplifyer narcotic)

Only in this way I have time to take at level 5 all the materials.

And here is the updated data on the average income in the abyss.
Level 3 -10-20 million
Level 4- 20-30 million
Level 5 - 58-100 million
Those numbers that appear more if you make fire or dark abysses. Books do not take into account, rarely fall out.
Approximately pay a subscription for 10 hours in the abyss.

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i dnt understood guys why you all talk about ra…ra…ra… its only about best fit. And now i have really best fit. :sweat_smile:Coming soon.
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Lol, if you need it explained perhaps you should ask your parents, or you know, do as your image suggests, either way should provide the desired result.


Ahem…Well, on a side note the Gila is arguably the most adorable ship. Personally, I would rather rip through lvl 4 or 5s with a BS. Though a Gila has the looks for sure.

Anyone else noticing the Abyss rats have drastically increased aggro on Gila drones since patch?

Praise Bob.

Yes. I talked in Russian chat on this topic, it is for many. And I lost drones on 200+ millions in 4 tier 4 abyss. This is another complication of the CCP after which I stop making abysses. One of our masters has developed such a recipe. He drop drones. Drones immediately get aggro from the entire spawn. When the drones’ shield almost completely fell, he withdraws the drones back. Spawn starts shooting at the gila. And then he launches drones back. This lengthens the travel time and adds tension. In my opinion, fighting in the abysses was already difficult. For example, I still earned 7 times less than I lost. And after each pair of fights I needed to rest, because the tension of the battle and the complexity of the tactics were seriously tiring. I also do not want to mess around with drones. Moreover, this tactic looks flawed and does not always save expensive drones. Therefore, the more I do not do the abyss. By the way, navy drones - the only ones that survive for a long time. Augmented drones die now very quickly. I try Subverted droe. Subverted die in 10 secs.
In my opinion, the ССР once again made many players lose a lot of money in the Abysses. Surely many simply died because of these innovations.

How to handle the changed Abyssal rat aggro:

1a) Stop whining and crying about it like children

1b) Launch drones to trigger aggro
2) Immediately recall drones to reset aggro on you
3) Check to see which NPC rats have not aggro’d and repeat Steps 1 and 2 as necessary
4) Proceed as normal

Or maybe we learn to programming? Something else to do to fix all the shoals of the ССP? To dance with a tambourine? It’s hard enough without it. And by the way, pretty quickly the drones start killing again. So this is just another way to strain the players. More. To make more die, not 90% but 95.

Stop whining and crying about it like a child please. I just ran several abyssal sites without a problem. Grow up and deal with it.

The change hurt the Gila. I lost perhaps 10-20 sec by pocket to manage the agro at the beginning then I run them as usual.
But in other way it help all other none drone ship.
If you don’t pull your drone out you have some extra kill with good application because rat just don’t move. Just don’t drone out before they agro you and enjoy the free kill.

So about 1 min more time for the Gila to run the abyss, 1-2 min less for all none drone ship (and some less difficult you choose wisely your target) … the Gila was so above the others that I think this change is for the best.

Time to give a try to your other abyssal ship :stuck_out_tongue:

Abysses now not best content. The keys went up. Drones that get lost cost money. Permanent risk and tension, the chance to lose a lot of money. What for? Lost in the abysses more than 30 billion. Enough. I will deal better with invasions, no problems in order to board the machariel or tengu and to fill my hold with debris. Abysses? pfff…

Then move on and do something else instead of crying about it. Like I said, grow up.

[quote=“Ld_Belial, post:58, topic:141706”]
try to your other abyssal ship

Well yes. So ССР come. They change something and here you should already swing the guns instead of rockets. Or other cruisers. Armor instead of shield. And so on to infinity. Round. Running for the bait on the bait in the ССР.