Best Wormhole Effect for Home Defense

Let’s say I wanted to try and solo a C3 wormhole, hypothetically, and I was willing to build a few caps inside said wormhole for home defense. First, what effect would people recommend for this purpose? Second, what risks or weaknesses does this strategy have in terms of potential eviction? Let’s say I could field 3 caps at any one time for defense.

3 caps from a solo player won’t stop an eviction. Capitals will just make you a target. Plop down an astra, keep it fueled and fitted, don’t piss anyone off.



Cataclysmic Variable

Maybe fit a bunch of spider monkeys>>>>

(C1 effects through C6 in %)

Armor Repair Amount

Remote Armor Repair Amount

Local Shield Repair Amount

Shield Transfer Amount

Capacitor Capacity

Capacitor Recharge Time

Remote Cap Transmitter Amount

I can imagine Diplomacy would be your strength
( towards the bigger scarier Corps in WH space that is )
You will get your cowboys that give zero F’s about diplomacy and eat your spider monkeys. A BlackHole effect might be a bad idea against Sniping Fleets… maybe something to consider.

Bobs Speed Son!!!

Thank you, great info!

The issue is that they will get the benefits as well and can build a fleet around that effect.

That being said if you can field a couple bombers red giants increase bomb damage which can br a good hit and run tactic vs larger numbers.

Magnatar gives a flat damage bonus but reduces application. If you can web and paint itll make any ship, including caps, hit alot harder.

Pulsars are great for the shield bonuses giving you more HP.

Wolf rayettes can be good or bad, if they bring alot of small ships they can tear you up. If they bring bigger ships and you bring smaller ships you can try to kite and still hit hard.

Blackholes can also be good fir kiting ships with the bonus speed and reduced web effectiveness.

Aggressors would get the same benefits, true. But I was wondering if, by building caps inside a system with certain effects, I might be able to take a greater advantage of these effects than my adversaries. Spider tanked carriers in a cataclysmic WH seem like a good idea, but it also sounds like no defense is guaranteed to succeed (this being eve) and building caps will make me more of a target than they might be worth as a defensive force.

If you use caps purely for defending against evictions you will beat back many of the smaller groups. Magnetar like i said would increase your damage if you can web and target paint, use the structure to do this for you and a dread with HAW to beat back these smaller eviction groups. Thats how i would do it.

Makes sense, thank you!

The best wormhole effect is friendship :stuck_out_tongue:


In all honesty, building caps in a C3 will get you evicted. If people catch wind that you have caps inside they will batphone their friends just to get you to come out and play.

Yeah, this has been my main takeaway from this thread. Everything has a counter, there is no method for absolute safety in Eve. Particularly in WH space.

In all honesty even for a small group you can generally be fine in WH space. I’m coming back from a hiatus but I’ve spent most of my time in a small corp in WH space. Started in a C1, moved to a C3, then a couple C4’s. Never even had a hint of getting evicted.

I made sure to not be an A-hole. PVP’d when I could, even yoloing sometimes to show I wasn’t just a run away WH carebear. Made lots of WH friends.

It has been awhile but generally it did not seem that WH corps really want to evict people, especially in the lower class wormholes unless their is good reason. Piss someone off, make it seem like your structures are a serious loot pinata, or if evicting will yield worthwhile content.

Now I did get out of WH’s before Citadels started becoming a thing. I don’t know how that changes the dynamic. With a POS it was much easier to guess how much stuff was being stored etc. I don’t know if citadels make it more likely to get evicted. In the past most ppl didn’t want to grind down a large D!ckstar.
Citadels might be easier to pop so I don’t know if that means they are more likely to get hit these days.

If the citadel is in low power it is very likely as there is minimum timer for reinforcement and in low power that is 12 hours. So it takes less theb a day. Keel it powered and the likelyhood drops.

To answer your question, I think a pulsar gives the most boost to a home defense fleet, but the effect is not that strong in a C3, and it’s certainly not enough to keep you from being evicted. For defense your best strategy is probably getting an effect that other people are not interested in having. That means a cataclysmic is a good choice, and definitely not a magnatar. Better still, don’t worry about the eviction so much and get the effect you would most enjoy.
As far as using a cap defense fleet, do it if you think it will be fun and you know how to use a FAX under neut pressure, but it won’t save you from good WH corps.

To add to this, a pulsar effect counters one of the more popular eviction setups (armour drekavacs and leshaks.)

But yeah, if you’re solo / small group, the best defence to an eviction is not getting evicted in the first place. Get a hole that no one particularly wants (there’s a lot of C3 with low sec static unoccupied at the moment) and don’t be a juicy target.

Citadels give three days to grind (two days if low power). Making easier to store huge number of leshak and drekavac and the loots with just one smallest offensive raitaru. As long as you can hold the hole, you can take down and take off with everything.

As for OP, huge number caps doesnt matter if no one in the hole can control the static. Have ever been got hit and helplessly watch the free contracts of full fit revelations and apostles in hull timer fortizar? While your batphoned friends in the outside are ready but cant get in?

Three layer of hole defense are; never put big target (making enemy or piling wealth) in the hole, active PVP group inside the hole, and must ready to lose the hole.

Actually in WHs timers are shorter, if its low power its a minimum of 12 hours so low power structures will take half a day to destroy.

I see, thx. never bashing a low power before.

half day vs three days. This really put the difference between low powered and the fueled ones.

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