Better Cloud Visability in the Abyss / No blue Clouds + Marshals (nerv marshals + blue cloud)


  • u sometimes havylie cant see clouds in the abyss reported by multiple active members of abyss lukers…
  • spawning with blue clouds with 4-8 marshals means insta death if u cant make it out and if its a half global u just die (pls fix this) (u can burn out of the blue but i like that it get nerved)

    ,u litaly cant see where the cloud starts…and im not in the cloud yet"

I also asked why they creade dead end scenarias like blue clouds + marshals?
The response was that Abyss is a High risk reward system and thats it :smiley: wtf
when i want to roll the dice to die or live i play freakin hypernet -__- i want an abyss that is playable without getting vaporised by deadwaves that cant be solved.

In theory a Ishtar can mwd away from marshals and use an abyss adc but ishtar dies to 3x karybdis 2x critical drip scenario so whad

when u get a close call and a huge blue is covering the half abyss u cant make it out :smiley: so whad the ■■■■
even if u could make it the scenaria is purely grilling ships away so i highly recommend a nerv

I agree, the effective range of the clouds in Abyssal sites should be a lot more visible. I tried various graphics settings and it is incredibly hard to tell where they start and where they end.

Agreed, and while we are at if I wouldn’t mind also increasing the max camera distance in Abyssals, it is claustrophobic.

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