Better LP stores

Currently LP stores are all the same across a faction. My suggestion is to differentiate between NPC corporations by giving them different LP store contents. For example you could buy implants and implant BPCs from Inherent Implants and Faction Drones and Drone BPCs from CreoDrone but not the inverse. LP is already counted for the corporation and not the faction why aren’t the Corporations any different from one another. Additionally there seems to be a deficiency in faction industrial or exploration equipment in all except two factions. Note, I am not saying that all factions should have equally good industrial/exploration equipment or even very much, just that there should be some.


Great, something else to increase the number of jumps you need to do just to get what you need.

Some stuff is common to pretty much everyone, but there is a difference in some of the offerings depending on which stations you go to. Those differences tend to depend on what type of corporation the station belongs to.

Nexus chips, for example, are not in the lp stores of military focused corp stations.

LP stores definitely needs MASSIVE overhaul.
I myself have bunch of propositions but it’s too long to write.
Also, I feel, CCP needs to step up and declare smth like: “Hey, we are about to improve LP stores, does anybody maybe have any ideas?”.
If/when it happen - this will be “the sign” :))

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