Why do NPC Mining Corporations LP stores contain no mining ship blueprints or modules? It is all combat stuff?

Shouldn’t the Mining Corporations LP stores reflect the given profession? Hauling LP stores would have hauling ship blueprints and modules ect.? Why is everything almost all combat at every LP store with few changes? I must be missing something here, certainly there is a reason this is working this way and is intended to be so? Is it all just buy the same items with different LP and sell it for profits? Isn’t there a better way to do it? If that is the case why not just make LP a general currency spending within a faction?
I must be missing something regarding this mechanic being this way?
What am I missing here?

LP stores in theory reflect what the corporation makes in lore.

In practice, LP stores just give green (faction) gear, and a good number of the ones in empire space (belonging to the 4 empires) are cookie-cutter clones with small variance.

For example, ORE is the corporation that makes mining equipment and designs in Eve Lore. It isn’t one of the 4 big factions. So if you run ORE missions you get ORE LP and therefore get rewards from their store (eg ORE mining lasers).

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