My character is Gallente. He has been around since 2006 and has never come across apparent bias in EVE before now. As an industrialist he is reliant on trade routes and getting to the trading point safely. Up until recently that has never been a problem. I take the usual precautions and have outfitted my ships with the best defenses I can.

Now, however, I have started to come across a new threat. The two trading centres I use are Jita and Dodixie and both have Interbus and Concord systems on the route. When entering these systems I am given a warning that I am an enemy of the Amarr. I know that and keep out of Amarr systems if I can. There’s no point in trying to take an Iteron where it’s likely to be attacked. The question I want to know is why my character as a Gallente is discriminated against whereas a Caldari or Amarr is not. I have never had this trouble before and was not aware that Interbus and Concord systems are to be treated as if they were Amarr. This strikes me as unfair to Gallante and Minmatar characters and was certainly not pointed out at any time.

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What’s your security status with Amarr ? have you been doing missions attacking Amarr entities ?


Either you enlisted in an opposing FW militia, or you hurt your Amarr faction standings to a sufficient extent that they attack you on sight. This would happen due to ratting/missioning (particularly storyline missions, which are most devastating), including repeatedly failing/declining Amarr missions in addition to fighting/storylining against Amarr (eg. if you’re running Gallente missions).

If it’s because of standings, there are a number of ways you can repair and continue to simultaneously raise and maintain standings with the four empires (even though two of them are in mutual opposition to the other two), and as the Co-Head of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA], I’d be happy to give you advice on ways you can do this (and possibly ways in which we can make it easier for you) if you’d like to hop onto the USIA Discord server and have a chat with me.

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As discussed in an earlier thread, one possibility is it is a bug. Perhaps report it as a bug.

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nice service @Archer_en_Tilavine , link saved
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You need to fight for the Triglavians to get your standings repaired.


Uhm, have you checked if you have a Caldari pilot, with -5 or lower Gallente standings, if they don’t get the same message about being shot on sight in Gallente space inside CONCORD systems?

If not, before whining, first verify

Go triglavian to learn this one weird trick to… do stuff with your standings! EDENCOM hates them!

The Amarr don’t like hippies.

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Thanks for the suggestions and answers.

To answer a few of the questions:

@Archer en Tilavine and Dravick Afterthought

Yes I have a negative standing with the Amarr due to mission running a while ago but it has not changed in a while as I have been concentrating on PI and industrial stuff. As I said this has only started in the last couple of weeks and my standings have not changed in that time.
@Archer en Tilavine Thanks also for the link which I will follow and try and sort things out as my Caldari standings are a bit weak as well.

@ Avaelica Kuershin

Thanks for the link to the other thread. I apologise for not running my question on that thread but I don’t come to the forums very often and felt a bit overwhelmed by all the stuff I would have to trawl through. My experience is similar to that of Knowledgeminer and in the same area so I might report it as a bug as it is not documented as far as I can see.


Thanks for the suggestion but my fighting days are over. I have not looked at the Triglavian stuff as it does not fit with my style of play any more. I’m too old and slow and my character is not trained to fight in anything larger than a cruiser.


No I don’t have a Caldari character so I can’t check to see if the same happens to them. I only have Gallente and Minmatar characters and it’s only Jaxon Grylls who is affected.

PS. I do wish that people on this forum didn’t jump on the "whining " tack when confronted with a genuine, neutral question.

To some of the others, your attitude is one of the reasons I stay away from the forums. Do please try and grow up. You are doing EVE no favours and a lot of people would take part a bit more if things were not at the level of 4Chan.


Well there is your problem. Biomass and start again.


I agree completely. There’s a time for RP if that’s what people are into but some immature people on these forums seem to think that every single comment by anyone playing another faction is an excuse to tell that person they suck. Just stupid and really boring to read. I don’t see how it could be fun to post either.


You actually warp quicker in places that hate you because their police use webs.
Either that or skill into blockade runners and lol your ass off at anything trying to hinder your supply lines.

Or at the very least, make a completely neutral ‘trader alt’, contract your goods to be moved to it privately, or just give your neutral trader alt all the goods and have them sell it as a bank character.

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You cannot cloak if you’re being chased by faction police.

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Frigate warp time (sometimes better) and upwards of 9+ AU/sec warp speed.

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They shouldn’t be and haven’t been for some years. I believe this started happening a 2 or 3 patches ago.

Bug Report it please.

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Oh this is a bug?
I was curious why that little spit of Genesis I have to travel through to the trade hub was all uppity.

The faction police isn’t that strong as far as I remember, you could get by in a sigil or a badger, conveniently, gallente ships do therm/kin damage as well as the majority of ganking ships, so that’s killing two birds with one stone.

Train up the Diplomacy skill, that should hopefully raise your negative Faction standings up enough so you can safely travel through those systems.

If Diplomacy is already at level 5 and the negative Faction is at or below -5.00 standing then you’ll have to do a little bit of mission running. It shouldn’t take a lot with Social and Connections skills trained up.

Anyway, check out the ‘Faction Standing Repair Plan’ for info on raising your standings with Agents that give Faction standing increase.