When did Amarr take ownership of the Sanctum constellation and why?

The Sanctum constellation in Genesis region used to belong to CONCORD Assembly, not to the Amarr empire like the rest of that region, and pilots with terrible Amarr standings but good sec status used to be able to travel through those systems without having to worry about hostile NPC faction navy.

That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. I get the usual unwelcome notifications, am hunted by NPCs, and most importantly, I cannot cloak when traveling through those systems anymore…

When did this change happen and why? Where is it documented? I don’t remember having seen any mention to this in any patch notes and Dotlan still shows the constellation as belonging to CONCORD Assembly…

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Curious, Yulai was always Concord and still was a few weeks ago iirc.

Simple… Amarr is just better.

deal with it :slight_smile:


I took a quick look at the systems. They still show as CONCORD but there are also Amarr NPCs and sentry guns.

not the whole constellation .

no , it doesn’t .

LOL. No, not the whole constellation. Only all systems in that constellation except Ourapheh, which belongs to InterBus instead… Your point?

Really? So what does this show according to you then?

It sure does show for me all systems in that constellation belong to CONCORD Assembly (except Ourapheh, which belongs to InterBus). None of them show there as belonging to Amarr, unlike the rest of the region, but maybe I’m seeing it wrong, so please enlighten me…

What does UI show?
I bet those are EDENCOM amarr navy fleets and their Gunstars they deploy everywhere

Maybe it’s a bug that has been introduced while making the changes for the latest expansion, but this has nothing to do with EDENCOM. This is the typical NPC faction navy that hunts pilots that have lower than -5 standings with that faction.

If you have terrible standings with Amarr (which I proudly do), you observe the same that you would if you entered Amarr space. You get the same unwelcome notification, the same NPC hunting behaviour, and the same inability to cloak.

Only that wasn’t the case in that constellation just a few weeks ago, because the systems in that constellation don’t (or at least they didn’t before) belong to Amarr…

Well, ccp wac tinkering with some faction police related bugs in the invasion content , so this may be a bug. Or it is just intended for some lore reasons that are ongoing.
They don’t write anything invasion related in the patchnotes, except for bugfixes

I’ve submitted a bug report. Will post the results here, if any.

EBR-202179: Amarr navy has started to behave in Sanctum constellation as if those systems were part of the Amarr empire


This reminds me of the time when I was in faction war, got stuck in a wormhole, took one chance out provided by someone else that dropped be deep into Amarr space, and then had to to 26 jumps through hostile territory in a Cyclone.

And they laughed at having agility and command to level 5 even back then in 2009…

Good times!

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no matter wat happened amarr deserves more space :+1:
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all kidding aside , i looked through zkill at that constellation and there were no amarr navy kills prior to ~may of this year .

What do the gates list when inbound into the impacted systems? Both displayed banners and the actual ‘show info’ windows? If these are not consistent, then it is probably a bug.

Could also try comparing against Sisi - if Sisi still has it set to CONCORD, then that would further indicate a (probably unintended) change in a recent code release.

Maybe one day CCP will introduce some method to increase your rating to Concord Assembly.

At least Amarr standing can be repaired.

Naturally SiSi would still say CONCORD if it wasn’t mirrored since the change, and the last mirror was in March.
KM has confirmed that Amarr Navy is legit in systems like they are apart of Amarr Empire.

According to zkill the first kills by the Amarr navy in sanctum occurred on may 26th which coincides with the release of the Forsaken Fortress update on that date.

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Not necessarily - a lot of updates are pushed to Sisi first for testing even if they aren’t discussed widely. If it IS updated in Sisi, it’s more likely to be intentional rather than an error.

Then it is likely it is a part of invasion or a bug introduced with it