When did Amarr take ownership of the Sanctum constellation and why?

Today’s patch notes contain this under Defect Fixes:

Amarr will no longer be policing CONCORD systems in the Sanctum Constellation. CONCORD has resumed control.

So it was a bug, which I may confirm has been fixed. I may travel through those systems normally again.



I don’t know if this is fixed as there’s some interbus zones that have Amarr gates and Gallente police where I still hear sirens.
Is this also something that should be bug reported?

any time you (general) see a mismatch in system faction policing behaviors and system ownership, it should be reported as a bug.l - worst case scenario is it is actually working as intended, after all.

Diamond miners and their response fleets are of course a whole separate thing from FacPo, so always double check that it is FacPo you (general) are having issues with before submitting the bug report.

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