When will Amarr follow Minmatar and Gallente security improvement efforts

Following the continued efforts of Minmatar and Gallente to increase security levels of vulnerable but important systems, I wonder when the Amarr will follow with improving their FW main system’s security level, as well as reinforcing the entire stretch of systems around Mehatoor which have been plagued with criminal and hostile activities for years. Surely, Empress Catiz I won’t allow Mehatoor to be threatened by the Angels before she acts.

All part of the plan.

Yep. And you’re right, ‘Security Status’ is just a CONCORD rating. Response time, including whether or not criminal status will draw a CONCORD response at all, and so on. National navies certainly don’t care about it.

So maybe it’s all just more political theater, where CONCORD is agreeing to raise ratings in order to get national governments to shut up about something else?

It also affects some other stuff, though, like whether the system can be part of the warzone. The Federation didn’t just put CONCORD actively in Intaki; they took it out of play, so to speak.

It will be interesting to see how the capsuleer culture in Hek is going to change, if at all, should the Republic manage to continue escalating its “security” status.


I know Hek is an important system for the Metropolis region and for trade in the Republic in general, but who decides on this? Sanmatar Shakor just declared his lap hound Khumatar Allek Berialsh as the new system governor of Hek.
With all respect, What voices do the Tribes have in this regard? Is Shakor abusing his ‘emergency powers’ again?

The Huvilma constellation is getting attacked by large fleets of Angel ships right now. Molden Heath has been burned by the Angel Cartel for decades… what about those systems? Don’t they deserve a bit of security?

How is this linked to the downfall of the Hek Mining Association and them loosing multiple stations? Now moon mining is declared illegal all of a sudden. A rapid change of hearth. Why is more and more power centralized around Hek and what parties are involved in this?

I feel a disconnect of the tribes and it’s spurred on by the military expansion of the Republic and the centralization of power. Think of Turnur and where this will potentially lead us :frowning:

With respect, Komi Valentine, Hek is a market hub with volumes and traffic surpassing those of Rens, and with a wider and more varied audience. Due to its location, it is better able to service critical parts of the warzone, and in addition Amo, the current military headquarters.

It is entirely respectable from the Republic to want to bring some more security to the system before other, less renowned systems. It is long overdue, too, and as such not surprising, I think; they have looked away from a lot of things prior to this.

Who they chose as governor came as a surprise to me, as did the RSS paramilitary police, I give you that.


Dear Amicia Cora,

it seems the editorial department has listened to the voices such as yours and clarified these things in the latest release.

CONCORD Assembly System Security Subcommittee Fast Tracks Applications for Status Changes by Republic and Federation

It seems it is indeed still in the purview of CONCORD to designate the security status of a given system, but the relevant authorities seem content to provide a proverbial rubber-stamp at least under current circumstances.

I imagine this permissiveness might be partially explained through the shared animosity that the core empires have for the Deathless Circle and their allies. It probably still involves a variety of other political maneuverings and trade-offs to get the necessary agreements, but I am not a Yulaiologist, and as such, not privy to any pertinent information. I would, however, not be suprised to learn that the State and the Empire have gotten something else out of the probable behind-the-scenes negotiations.

Signed digitally
Scius Falkenhaupt
Independent Researcher

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Mehatoor is already a fairly resilient system, as are Amo, Onnamon, and Intaki. The mad scramble for rushing security status changes isn’t projecting an image of competence and strength, contrary to what you may believe.

Every system in empire space should have it’s security status raised to 1.0 immediately. There is no excuse for the lackadaisical efforts Concord has been making in the past few years. High security space feel about as dangerous as null these days, with all the lowlife “insurgencies” and bizzare triglavians.

I personally find it appalling the situation has degraded so far that posters in this thread bicker about what HIGH SECURITY systems should receive the bare minimum of policing. This is completely unacceptable and I will make my concerns known to the DED as soon as my schedule allows.


Amo has a security rating of 0.5. Dammalin was a 0.5 and easily attacked by Angels.
Onnamon is a 0.6 and recently the Guristas breached into Samanuni, a 0.7 system, with ease. Abudban, a 0.7 system, is currently under threat of falling to the Angels.
Mehatoor is a 0.7 and also not safe from insurgencies, and the entire stretch of systems leading to it from Domain as well as onward to Derelik are 0.6 systems right next to war zones.

None of these systems are safe or resilient.

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You’re mistaken. For the four I listed, which includes Mehatoor, it doesn’t matter their security status. They are the war HQ systems and always begin two steps ahead of the pirates, at minimum. It takes very little militia action on top of this to cause pirate actions to have a lesser effect in the system than militia action.

Don’t make me regret being enlightening, here.

I’m far from the biggest fan of Shakor, but his administrative decisions are always subject to the Tribal Council’s overturning. So yeah, the Tribes can say ‘we don’t think so’ if they have reason to object, but given he’s done decent work in his prior positions… why make a fuss over this?

Hek’s position as a market hub on the edge of the warzone with the Empire makes securing it a necessary step in being able to secure space further from Pator.

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If highsec and nullsec feel equally dangerous, Goonswarm must be suffering from ridiculously inept leadership right now.

And I know that’s not the case.

High is, has been, and always will be, more dangerous than nullsec. Deal with it. The DED doesn’t care what anyone on this forum thinks.


Amarr militia is too split there is no single leadership who could decide anything involving the entire militia.

That’s exactly the issue - a NULL security military dictatorship lead by warlords is in no sane universe safer than a civilian state reinforced by an extranational “police” force.

In one particularly horrifying incident, I recall seeing a rhea class freighter jump through from Aunenen in lowsec to Nonni in hisec. It was immediately assaulted by the triglavian fleet that seemed to be making itself at home in system and scarcily managed to burn back to gate, only to be hotdropped by pirate capsuleers on the other side. Concord completely ignored this whole stream of events and looked on dumbly as it unfolded. I can only wonder what the small Cal Navy customs force on grid made of this. Deklein was safer even as it was falling to the unwashed hordes.

Perhaps Concord is not what it seems… Haven’t there been sightings of strange ships in abyssal deadspace bearing their markings and attacking everything in sight? Does Disparu troop ring any bells?

If I didn’t know any better I would assume concord and the trigs had come to an understanding.

I will take this to the CEP if I have to.

Except that demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of CONCORD.

CONCORD is not a ‘police’ force. They do not function to prevent crime, and they do not function to investigate crime. They know what you do, because your ship tells them. They show up to make you pay for not bribing them ahead of time. CONCORD is, as far as capsuleers are concerned, a protection racket that you pay off, or they make you pay.

That’s it. You wanna go kill people in high security space? Pay CONCORD up front, declare war, it’s all good. You don’t pay CONCORD, you get blown up.

You don’t pay CONCORD in null, your sov goes away. That’s what the sov bills every month are: paying CONCORD for recognition of TCU/IHUBs and IHUB upgrades. You don’t pay, you lose it. The whole structure self-destructs, as if a CONCORD fleet showed up and did to the IHUB what they do to your ganking Cat in Perimeter. And no IHUBs means no supercapital production. No supers means you get roflstomped back to Fountain Core. And that’s fine if you wanna live the Gang Bang Team lifestyle, but if you want to actually be more than just a corpulent pustule on the ass-end of the southwest, you gotta play ball with the Badges.

In no way is CONCORD there to make highsec safe for capsuleers. CONCORD doesn’t make things safe for capsuleers. That’s not their job. Frankly, other than the money they make off of us? They’d prefer we all die, except when they want us to be useful.

The safety of highsec is for baseliners. Not you. Not me. For the most part, we can’t even see their traffic, and they don’t go out into null, unless we’re paying them to work out there.

The CEP also doesn’t care what we think.


She’s right, as usual, annoying as that is. I guess that makes me a little bit of pus.

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