Interrogation - Global communication of empires

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I’m fairly new to the “active” part of the lore so please, If I say something stupid or that a character would not say, please explain to me ^^"
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Hello fellow capsuleers,
As the last announce from concord came out, I noticed that only the Amarrians were saying something in return, and I thought that I could do a little statistics
I took all officials reports on the world news network since the 8 may 2017 so after the kyonoke inquest consequences), so a total of 38 news.

in summary:

  • 17 concerns CONCORD
  • 8 Concerns Amarr’s empire
  • 5 concerns divers parties (pirates and upwell essentialy)
  • 4 concerns the Federation
  • 3 concerns the caldari’ state
  • 2 concerns the Republic.

I have, therefore, a question: does someone know why exept the amarr empire, no other communicate more publicly? even when concerning the whole cluster (for exemple the today’s new about alpha state)

It trouble me greatly and I want to know :confused:

thanks to all for your informations or hypothesis.

fly safe o7

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Basically, sir, it’s been an interesting year in the Empire. We’ve got a new empress, Catiz I, and exactly what that’s going to mean is something everybody’s keenly interested in, friend or foe. That’s leaving out the other strangeness that’s been going on the last three years or so, with the Drifters and so on.

So, yeah, there’s a lot of news.

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I have a theory that the majority of the Scope’s shares have been bought out by Amarr investors leading in a shift in focus to Amarr centric news items.

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