Quick Question About Genesis Sovereignty

The Pax e Kilizhi Do sets about Kor-Azor owning 'Lower Genesis" and Kador owning ‘Upper Genesis’. Is there any way to figure out which systems specifically belong to whom?

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Check Dotlan

There are no stations from either house in any system that I can see.

I don’t think there is a way to nail it without dev confirmation, but if we are to go off guesswork…


It’s not a long stretch to assume that Upper and Lower refer to galactic north and south. The Kador region also creeps toward the north of Genesis while Kor-Azor stands firmly on the south of the region. Kador has also invaded Federation before, so it makes sense for them to get the constellations neighboring Sanctum (CONCORD sov) and in proximity of Gallente regions to the north. Kor-Azor would get the EVE and surrounding constellations. The division would be along the constellations Aven, Charak and Reya, and these could go to either side.


Yeah, but we wondered about it specifically. It might be somewhat relevant soon, and we need to know sort of specifically.

Val’s referring to these three constellations, circled here (map from DOTLAN):

The lines represent the probable boundaries. Her logic is sound, and it’s likely the best guesstimate we’re gonna get short of poking DZ or an ISD, which I don’t recommend.

But if one were, say, considering relocating to Kor-Azor space, picking a system below the second line would probably be a safe bet.

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Well, thanks for the input. We’ll take it all into consideration.

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