Constellations and Planets

I have another lore question, big shock,

So I’ve sent an email to the CCP team about this in Iceland but I haven’t gotten an answer yet, and supposedly this question or something similar was forwarded to the community team:

Are the constellations throughout new eden based on the mythologies or certain objects of their respective core Empires (i.e. like those in the main 4), similar to the ones we have in real life? Also, several planets have been revealed to have names so far, as well as for their cities or even continents. What are the canonical names of those for other planets, etc.

I know information like this wouldn’t be known by many, if anyone, and that as the in-game news keeps going, more and more stuff will slowly be revealed. But if there’s anyway for me to find out, or anyone to find out, I’d like to know. Alternatively, if someone could tell me how to contact the community team, that would be greatly appreciated too. o7

There are no canonical names for most of the planets etc; they are known as Amo III, Odatrik IV, so forth. Mostly only planets in the “origin” systems of the nations seem to have specific names in lore.

We don’t know the etymologies of most regions / solar systems either. I doubt myself they follow a specific naming scheme (too many peoples naming them over too many centuries)?

You generally don’t get the lore team to answer specific questions like this. There’s thousands of players and only a couple of people at CCP working on lore.


I think the Problem is, that some planets have different names in different languages. To unify all of them, the official name for planets is System Name + Index of planet [sorted by shortest orbit radius]
However the people that live in the solar system may have their special name like “mars” to describe a planet.

The highsec and lowsec regions and systems have names, while the nullsec systems don’t. Which means they were probably not discovered, when the Names were given and their naming follows a new set of rules that is more like the W-Space Naming conventions… ^-^


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