What/Where is Xygia?

I’ve recently been looking through the lore collection EVE now has on its main website and I saw, to my confusion, a star system named Xygia, even though there doesn’t seem to be such a system in-game.

Is it possible Xygia is another name for an empire star system that does exist (i.e. how “Starkman” became known by amarrians as “Arzad” or how “Pator” was once known by amarrians as “Damius”)?

Link to lore article?

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Xygia dates to the Chronicle Doppelganger published in 2001. At that point, certain things about New Eden were undeveloped. Chronicles and articles from those early years can be contradicted by later lore, referencing places or things that don’t exist.

It’s certainly possible Xygia is a system, station, or world we know under a different name, though!


I’m guessing it’s a system name the chronicle author used when they did not want to tie into a particular actual location, but could also be a local name for some system known on the international charts by some other, I guess?


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In the lore, it is referred to as Prussia.