Hit me with your headcanon

I’m unsure if there’s already a thread like this, so hopefully this isn’t a duplicate topic. I searched. :bowing_woman:t2:

I’m interested to see how other players interpret game information into their understanding of New Eden. Mostly little things that may not be addressed by Chronicles or the fiction portal, like from missions descriptions or whatever. Things that add flavor for your gameplay, roleplay, etc.

For instance, my character’s “rank” Seki comes from a Caldari Navy NPC. I sort of see it as a noncommissioned officer title that confers command over crews of up to 250 members, and focuses on fast attack deployments. That’s all just fluff for running missions though.

If you have something like this, drop it below so we can enjoy your creativity.


Don’t get a certain emigré from Gallente Prime’s Morthane Mountain Islands Commonwealth started on Harroule Dryweed!

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I was creating a Caldari character, and one of the irrelevant to gameplay options is like, you choose tube child, scientist, or something else, and that describes your background. I was interested to learn more about tube children, so I did some research and found… nothing more than what is said when you click it. So I just play like they are orphanages set up by a few of the Caldari corporations, but were shut down when the other corporations heard about it and had the project shut down.

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