I don’t understand this game at all but I’m trying.

A few questions.

  1. Why was my character chosen to be cloned over others of my race when she can’t even fit, fly a ship and shoot turret guns? O.o

  2. Why can I go to other empire space and dock when they’re at war with my empire? o.O

  3. If she was chosen among other candidates, why doesn’t she receive a salary? o.O

  4. Are there individual rights and collective rights in New Eden or are the empires dictatorial entities?

  5. Why isn’t there a minimum wage in New Eden?

That’s it for now. I’m sure I will have more questions as I continue to explore the cluster.

Mean-spirited replies expected.

Thank you.


it seems to me that your questions are rp-based and the “Fiction portal” section seems to be the best place to ask them. => Fiction Portal - EVE Online Forums
Here most people usually ask and get answers about game mechanisms


Because you are not an employee, but a demigod. We don’t have unions, but immortality.
But you can join a corp, usually they are happy to help you to learn how to earn ISK in a group.


Cloning, and especially integrating into a pod and ship systems, isn’t something possible to all. There are severe consequences if there’s no compatibility.

The issue of the power of capsuleers and their relationships and threats to the Empires led in part to the Yulai Accords and CONCORD.
(I can see your point though - and ooc it rankles me as well - ic, if the Empire signed it, I’m good with it.)

Because you are not an employee - you are an independent agent rather than a captain of a naval ship. Think more freelancer than officer. The risk is greater - you have to make your own way and have no guaranteed income, but your freedom is also greater.
(ic: I’m definitely enjoying my freedom and riches after my naval career).

Yes. Both. Depends on the Empires/States/Republics and their relationship to their subjects/citizens/employees.
Outside the Accords, which govern relationships between the Empires, their internal affairs and how they operate is their own business. As you can imagine the perspective of one Empire towards another may well depend on where you come from.
I am loyal to God. I follow His word as instructed through the Empress. This is right and proper. God Is.
The Gallente foolishly think that the individual citizen is some how wiser than God. How can a mere mortal even claim that idea? Taking charge of them, giving them a chance to work for God’s Glory and the opportunity to understand his wisdom and power is just a kindness. One the ungrateful so-and-soes don’t appreciate.
(ooc, I’m a nice person really. ic - I’m basically nice, I’m just one of the Chosen of Amarr.)

That is the decision of the individual Empires. Internal Policy Matter.
Amarr will look after anyone, provide them with work and a space to sleep/eat in, if they need it.

In practice, as a capsuleer, with all the advantages you have, your ability to earn an income beyond the wildest demented dreams of a baseliner (non-capsuleer) - 1 ISK is typically the living wage for an individual planetside. You can expect the best of things - the best food, drink, service, treatment. You are one of the powerful few.
(And, yes, among the mega-rich, as a new player finding their way, you’ll feel poor. You can afford to buy starships - remember that.)

Since you may see the terms elsewhere:
ooc = out of character
ic = in character
There are groups that play Eve as a spaceship combat game, those that play it as an Role Playing Game, those that play it as a Business Simulator and a thousand and one other Game Types.
Eve is, gloriously, all of those things at the same time.

I missed the most important bit though:
Welcome to New Eden.

By His Light and His Will,
Terak Romaller.

(edited to correct a typo pointed out below!)

  1. Money and also its a game and has to have some sort of progression.

  2. You are not an agent of your empire, capsuleers exist outside of their political realms.

  3. You weren’t chosen. You paid to become a capauleer.

  4. Barely, you’ll find that renegade groups operate with impunity even within empire space and the only real regulating body is meant to keep capsuleers in check.

  5. New Eden doesnt care one bit if you live or die and even the organizations that do are barely capable of making any sort of difference

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Looking at my skill it looks more like I’m a quartergod at best. Hehe

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I think that a typo, right?

Very nice. Thank you for explaining!

I never felt poor, I’m rich in God.

I love spaceships.


I don’t remember that. Did they wipe my mind??

Might have, your original body is long dead. Its part of the process of transferring your memories to your first capsule ready clone.

Think about that. You have to give up your consciousness and die completely so a lab grown fascimile can continue on pretending that its you. Over and over and over and over. Welcome to EVE.

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i must highlight that your post is very refreshing to me, it is so different from whining posts like"How could it happened that i got killed while i am a noob? i should be protected, i just want to mine quitely!", or “I lost my t1 frigate trying to do a T5 abyssal, how can it be possible? GRRR CCP all you want is my money” etc

Keep this mindset, you might still be playing eve in 10 years from now!

see u in space

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:cry: huh

I have chatted with a few players in same corporation. Was told not to undock without a spare ship in hangar and everywhere in New Eden is PvP. What could be clearer than that ?
Whiners have no excuse.

The game is deep and complicated. It might take me that long to get a handle on it hehe

Shoot you in space :smiley:

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This very guy and his pals shot my wormhole sanctuary to pieces, so hope you’ll do soon!
But that’s only the first part of the story: Now my industry is in a much better wormhole and I earn much more ISK.
So every boom is also a chance.

And yeah, we all have kinda young bodies because of the fresh clones. Our minds are not that fresh, I’m afraid…


I said ‘shoot’, not blow up. :slightly_smiling_face:

True. It’s going to take a long time to learn anything… unless I use drugs-- I mean that blue stuff in the injectors :wink:

What is a minimum wage?

I work 18 hours a day, 7 days a week for 2 cents a day. Are you telling me I should be getting more?

I’m not “telling” you. The ? at the end of a sentence means the sentence is meant as a question, not a statement.

You’re welcome.

Well, i guess minimum wage for new eden is 2 cents a day.

@Terak_Romaller kindly answered that question in this very thread.

You also have to keep in mind that this is a global view. What individuals are you referring to, the people on the planets, the maintenance crew on the station, the exotic dancers (m/f/d) in my cargo?
It’s just the question of jurisdiction, and we have tons of governing entities in New Eden. So there are at least some with a minimum wage.
But we capsuleers are a particular class, we are free to negotiate our contracts.

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Pretty sure the exotic dancers in my cargo get paid a fair wage. I throw them a wad of isk now and then.