Caldari Worldviews on Expansionism

I’d like to develop this character (outside of game) and maybe write a story or two. The bullet point for Caldari lore in the sticky above is empty, so I thought I’d ask here.

What’s a good home Megacorp for someone who’s been taught an expansionist ideal? I don’t mean warring with the CONCORD nations. My understanding is that some are isolationist/nationalist while others are less so. I mean specifically having a corporate culture that teaches the young that the “meritorious” Caldari should be out displaying Caldari excellence in outer empires, nullsec, et cetera. It seems like there is a lot of State-value indoctrination from an early age, depending on access to education and heritage, so that seems to me like the primary factor if the Megacorp is also your school. Do the Megacorps simply view regions as exploitable markets? How do they balance Idealism and pragmatism, if at all?

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