Regional names lore?

Is there any lore for how the regions of New Eden got their names?

Not just the hisec areas but the lowsec areas too (they have some very interesting names!)

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In-game most regions have descriptions that tie into their names, you can usually find them by typing a region name in the search bar, or by clicking on a region name that you’re navigating through


You can right click on region names on the in-game map and “show info.” I don’t recall many of them actually shedding much light on why the regions are named as they are, though some do have that info, like Cloud Ring is, unsurprisingly, named after a cloud ring.

But especially null-sec region names tend to be shorter flavour texts about their current or former IC inhabitants, like Curse has an old Jovian poem, or Delve a a nursery rhyme about the Blood Raider leader, Omir Sarikusa.


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