We need a change of Havens and Sanctums

Hello people, hello CCP.

We need a change in the Havens and Sanctums, especially in the Angel area. I have lost a Marauder (Vargur) several times because an Angel Dread or Angel Titan showed up.
It can’t be that I lose this ship class so quickly against an NPC. Think about how much skill time and ISK I need for such a ship! I would be happy if I could at least escape. I don’t need to do the Dread or Titan with the Marauder, just survive and escape.
Otherwise, I feel these 2 anomalies are a limitation because I can’t fly them. It shouldn’t be like that.

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Why do we need a change, because you lost a ship? That doesn’t make sense at all.

If anything, you need such a change. Or you just use a ship that can leave if the opponents get support you cannot deal with.

You can fly them. You just can’t win them every time with the ship you use. Maybe use another one for these anomalies, one that isn’t locked in place for a whole minute.


The point is, i Fly a T2 Battleship. That must be enought to came out with them not in a Pod.

If your current tool doesn’t work, use another. It isn’t that hard to understand. Marauders do exceptionally well as long as they can stand their ground. And they create a costly exposion if they can’t. Every pro has a con, every benefit a price. If you want to clear these sites with the abilty to escape quickly, chose a ship that can do that - at the price of lower damage. Flying a T2 battleship does not entitle you be successful every time.


They can spawn in any other pirate space as well. People can complete them just fine every where. Maybe it’s a You problem and you need to learn how to handle them.

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Well, Thanks for the Answers. I know what you mean guys, and yeah of course i can bring a Crouser or something… But is this what you guys do too?
The Dread and the Titan can just spawn in Haven and Sanctum right?
So what do you mean i should Fly to do the Heaven? If i Fly my Vargur i cam make 50± Mill per tick. ANd thats awesome for me and enought. I just die alredy on the Drad and Titan -.-

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I stopped ratting a while ago. Back in the days I ratted with a carrier and had no issue with Dread spawns (titans were a different story, but I never got one). D/T/C only spawn in Havens and Sanctums as an added risk factor for these highly rewarding anomalies.
If you feel like you can’t handle the risk, try Forsaken or Forlorn Hubs instead. I found them to be very well paying back when I ratted with the carrier and wanted to reduce time wasted with warps. Forsaken Rally Points and unmodified Rally Points are also great. The latter especially because of the 6/10 escalation potential.

ok, thanks a lot!

You are above alot of people in this game. Gl and you have a great mentality to be able to see the mistakes of your words. :slight_smile:

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