Billboards by the Gates featuring Advertising

I was thinking it would be cool if we could bid on posting on an electronic message board that holds our message and plays out a new one every few seconds. Then next to it is one that shows items for sale in system, and contracts. Each board is system wide and you can leave a bookmark in there for a nearby wormhole.

Bidding on a space lasts an hour and the message will display on the electronic screen. Get this bookmark to an escalation now!
Let there be 10-12 spaces to bid on hourly. Then a place to bid on for a block of 10 minutes with 10-12 spaces on that.

Please post your ideas on what you would write on the board for players to see.

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On a series of billboards on the Jita gate…
“You and Your”
“Are Soon”
“To Be”

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