Remove Billboards - turn off/on Commercials in station

in station i look allways on the same Comercials … can we have an option to turn them off?

i dont get what this Billboards in space are for … can we remove them or make it possible to turn them off?

i dont know if others see it the same way


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It is worthy of the list but I would never vote for it over other things.

yea true but a turn off button for the commercials in the stations would be cool

Alternatively display Jita local on the screens instead of video ads. :smiling_imp:

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Sleep 8 hours.
Work 8 hours.
Play 8 hours.

Consume. Produce. Obey.

i think it would take a bit pressure from the servers
depends on how they bring it to the cluster but it should take a bit off so its maybe not too bad …


But that’s how Spacebook makes it’s moneies!!

I like the in-game ads. They make Eve feel more like a world.

Their contribution to server issues should be 0. It’s not like they’re live streaming ads. They’re probably small files that got downloaded during a patch that get replayed locally.

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Yes, there should be an off switch for the boards inside and outside the stations/structures.

Once upon a time there was a software hack that allowed players to play local tracks on the displays. Bring that back but officially :smiley:

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