Looking for a new home station

…are there any that do not have animated billboards?


You could try a nomadic life and only sporadically dock up at a station (with eyes closed to not see the billboards) to restock and sell loot.

Hmm, perhaps in a very low resolution mode. Didn’t try yet though.

Hey, it could be worse. You could be seeing ads for Coca Cola and Doritos.

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so you dont want the hologram ads…theres always the option of sitting in space :slight_smile:

What’s the problem with the animated billboards by the way?

I usually dislike such things myself too, but in EVE they really add to the atmosphere and make it more immersive. And if I get another add to buy Quafe, unlike adds in the real world, I smile. Maybe I’ll one day buy Quafe for my capsuleer to get those boosts, but I haven’t seen much use for it yet.

Billboards are cool!

Seeing the same ads over and over again is annoying here and IRL (esp that one with the dancing). There are some aspects of life that games should not simulate.

I mean, it is a space capitalism simulator. If anything there should probably be more ads. Perhaps CCP could make them destructible, or let us hack them and replace with propaganda.

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All we need is more DIFFERENT ads :wink:

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