Recruitment Beacons / Billboards

Recruitment Beacons :

  • Can be simple as a can dropped in space with a build cost of around 20 million.
  • When right clicked will allow the owner/user to see Corp Ad, Join Channel and Set Destination.
    ^^ This would let corps drop them in rookie and other NP locations as a visual marker to interact with.

Billboards :

  • The same thing as above but fancier with corp or alliance logo. Say around 50 million

Make them vulnerable with 36 hr timers



Great idea but the spam would be horrendous without limits…

:red_circle: One structure per system per corp should do the trick. Spam like the garbage that these dumb russian, chinese and polish alliances put into space with the depot spam would be successfully prevented. No dropping on behalf of someone. You have to be in a Player corp to drop such a structure.

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Just like existing can, mobile depot, etc spam.


Yeah, like the idea. Just need restrictions in order to prevent an absurd amount of spam.

And CCP did mention propaganda structures a while back. Don’t know if we’ll ever see them.

Agreed but this would be a great opportunity for CCP to kill a bunch of birds with a single stone

  • Deal with existing spam with some new rules
  • Give corps a new way to advertise
  • Give corps something new to fight over (in HS at least)
  • Create a new (small) ISK drain

Just spit-balling:

  • 1 per gate only
  • 30 day lifespan
  • timers similar to POCOs
  • 50M-100M ISK (maybe 500M?)

The big downside is that CCP would have to have somebody look at and approve/disapprove each one…manpower is not cheap so…

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