BILLION ISK BONUS for every 10 contracts completed by experienced JF pilots

That’s right. I’m going to pay YOU one billion ISK bonus for every 10 contracts completed from existing GHSOL customers (and yes, you keep 100% of the customers’ rewards). Business has easily doubled to over 250 contracts per month, and I need more dedicated JF pilots. Joining is as simple as one of your alts coming to channel GHSOL and saying “I’m ready to collect a billion ISK bonus!”

And just how much of a commitment is putting a contract alt in GHSOL? Not much. I won’t ask about your background or the other ways you earn ISK in this game. Your current employer/customers never need to know you’re also hauling for GHSOL. Just complete contracts and collect bonuses…billion after billion after billion!

Got a friend with a JF…tell them about this! But hurry up so they can make the most of this offer before I roll out the next even bigger giveaway program.

(By experienced JF pilots, I mean level 5 for most JF skills. Ideally you fly a Rhea, though an Anshar or Ark are options. Restrictions like this exist because you can’t fly efficiently/economically with lower levels of JF skills, and our high max cargo size of 360,000 m3 requires those 3 JF types possibly with ORE expanded cargohold.)

Getting some interest on reddit…come to channel GHSOL to get more details!

Time for you to make a HUGE amount of ISK with GHSOL!

Tons of contracts in the queue…come make billions in reward and another billion for each 10 contracts you complete!

Just to put things in perspective…if your JF alt been hauling for GHSOL last week, 90 contracts came in. If you’d focused only on the existing customers’ contracts, a minimum of 12b in rewards would be in your wallet PLUS another 6b in bonuses. That’s 18b…enough to replace your JF, buy fuel for the rest of the year and have extra left over to buy fancy modules that keep your JF alive!

Come put a contract alt in GHSOL, and you can verify everything I’ve said above for yourself with just 3 min of effort. Don’t miss out on this incredible earning opportunity for your max skilled JF alt(s).

Get in soon…the ISK is flowing!

Billions and billions…really, can you afford not to come by channel GHSOL with your JF alt and see what this is all about?

Give GHSOL a try!

Come to channel GHSOL soon if you’ve got a JF and the experience to fly it. This window of opportunity isn’t going to be open forever.

Time to be part of the biggest shift in hauling in a long time!

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