Biomass date/time on ESI

Does anyone know if the ESI provides any way of determining when a character was deleted?

The characters endpoint returns a 404 with a message they’ve been deleted with no additional information. Their corporation history returns correctly but still does not show when they joined Doomheim. The affiliation endpoint shows that they are in Doomheim but no join date is given.

Am I missing something or is this information just not available through the ESI?

No, see esi-characters: Cannot determine time of biomass · Issue #142 · esi/esi-issues · GitHub.

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This makes me sad, particularly as it’s been open so long. Any idea which dev we need to ping to see if this is something that’s likely to be done? Seems odd to me that they don’t just add Doomheim to the corporation history endpoint.

Pretty sure there aren’t any devs working on ESI. So good luck :upside_down_face:.

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