Birb Incorporated! Lowsec, Newbro friendly corp living on the border of High and Null security

We are a new player friendly corp in gallente milita dedicated to content, fun and chill times :smiley: we have PvP, PvE, Mining, and Industry avalible near or in our home system! We live in a lowsec system on the border of both Null and High security space, and live within 10 jumps of both low and high tier missions!

What we offer:
Ore, Ice, Gas and exploration look buyback, to save you the trouble of hauling it.
A newbro friendly enviroment!
A casual, fun place to learn the game, make some isk, and have fun!
Free ship handouts!

We are a member of gallente milita, hovever are not serious faction warfare players! We hunt for content accross all of known and unknown space!

Come join us for a fun time and a chance to make friends and isk!
Authorized Recruiters: Dodgey Sen
Send an evemail to Dodgey Sen to join!

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