(Bitter)Vet, looking for EU PVP - 150mil SP + useful alts

As it says, looking for a null pvp corp/alliance. Must be self-sufficient (own FC’s and not reliant on other aliances) and ideally not part of one of the major blocs/their pets. Mainly lookinf for NS, will consider LS if a good offer, not interested in WHs.

150mil main (all subs pretty much) + Dread/Fax alt + Titan/Dread alt (don’t own a titan anymore).

Experienced player, good KB etc. for diplo reasons this is done on an alt

LF mix of medium sized fleet pvp as well as small gang/solo roaming close to home.

Reply here with offers, dont message in game becuase I will probably miss it

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Hey Hemuneiren, we’re the corp you’re looking for come and have a chat with us my man!

Our recruitment channel is ‘‘505 Public Channel’’

Null sec sub capital roaming Corp - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

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