Black Ashes - Dedicated to chilling out and just having fun ^_-!

We Are Dedicated to RL. We are here to just enjoy the game we don’t want drama. This being said, we are self sufficient very few things that we need elsewhere.

We are an 18+ group FEW exceptions as we have an adult atmosphere

What BLKAH offers:
-BUYBACK (Why haul when u get your money up front)
-ROAMS (Blow up hostiles and have a blast doing it)
-WORMHOLE (Why not day trip when we are right there and make loads of money)
-MOON MINING (Moons, Ore, Gas: We got it all we also sell moon goo from corp to members)
-T1/2/3 Production (We produce it all and if we Find what we need and build it)

we find out what we need and go to work)
-Perfect Refinement (Get the most out of your Ore no charge to refine)

What BLKAH Asks For:
-Have fun (Its what we are here for!)
-Be in coms (Comon we all like to talk BS and have fun Come participate)
-Real life first (We all get it. kids, work, or whatever affects you)
-Participation in Moon mining ops for corp once per week. (You get Paps (participation points and can buy free things for helping out)

Who We ARE:
We are here to chill have fun, we have experience from everything in the game HS LS NS and WH.
We’ve done it now we want to teach it.
-Being realistic we don’t want a massive corp we are here to be individuals to have fun and make friends.

Our Discord: Discord Feel free to hop in and chat!!!
And as always May Black Ashes Smile Upon Your Embers!
-Asuna Aboshi CEO!

Hey I’m a pretty new player but I have been on and off around in the game for years. Looking for a laid back Corp. The Discord link is expired if I could get a new one and check it out

The discord invite is updated Thanks for letting me Know. feel free to hop on and chat anytime

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