Black Sky Inc. [USTZ] Mining, Industry, and FW

Welcome to Black Sky Inc

Black Sky Inc aims to be a powerhouse in resource procurement, and a fighting force in Faction Warfare.
We are looking for dedicated pilots that want to participate in growing the Industrial markets in Minmatar Space and through there to the Frontlines, where our Minmatari people fight on.

We pledge to the Minmatar and run fleets in the FW to fight back the Amarr invaders.
Currently the corp’s weekdday activities are primarily in the evenings for US timezone. (22:00-4:00 Evetime)

  • High Sec Boost fleets
  • Regular WH mining fleets
  • Moon ore mining in HS Boosts+Compression.
  • Max Skill Reprocessing Services
  • Ore Buy Back - High Pay Outs. Over 120bil since Feb 2023
  • PI Bulk buy back services
  • Mining T1 Barge T1/T2 Frigs for sell at discount
  • Mining T1 Barge T1/T2 Frigs replacement programs (for organized fleets)
  • Weekly FW PVP SRP Fleet

Skill Point Training plans to help jump into the community quickly.

  • Discord with Eve Hr
  • Scheduled community events, such as The Rust Brawl!

We invite new pilots with accounts over 30 days old, returning and veteran players. Our current focus is on:
-miners to join us daily on our mining expeditions.
-industrialist to build the equipment we use and ships we destroy.
-PVP pilots and new pilots who dont mind welping ship after ship to push a goal. Never ceasing, never wavering. Always learning.

Founded by the Love Tribe in Metropolis, Black Sky Inc was formed with the intent to grow wealth and form a lasting impact on Eve as a whole. BSI has now grown into the main Corp of Blue Sky Syndicate. Mining/Industrial Corps with presence near Minmatar FW should also feel free to reach out. I’ll check these posts regularly but also feel free to join the discord where any available member can pop in to answer questions.

Discord link: Blue Sky Syndicate

Minmatari and allied of the Republic are welcome only. Slavers and their ilk beware.

RP Friendly Minmatari Corp.


Can vouch, good folks are here :slight_smile:

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Still recruiting. High Sec Moons, Wormhole Anoms, Lowsec Gas. We need it, you can mine it!

We’ve gained a few members but still recruiting more!

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