Blacksteel Mining and Manufacturing welcoming new members

Blacksteel Mining and Manufacturing is an established and tight knit industrial corporation. Our members are mainly US time zone and we’d love to expand our EU membership. We decidedly have no playtime requirements but like to see you online regularly. Everyone is friendly and helpful. If you’re looking for a place to hang out with good people and have some fun and get rich give us a try. Most of our activity is in Amarr space.

Looking for:

  • Industrialists
  • Miners
  • PVE types

Our requirements:

  • Good attitude
  • Be a team player
  • No minimum SP requirement & Alphas welcome

What we offer:

  • Group mining and PVE
  • Assistance for beginning manufacturers
  • Friendly group to pvp with
  • Freedom to make your own choices about how and who to play with.

Perks include selling any ore you mine to the corp for good prices most anywhere
Join us in our recruitment chat in game called “RF/BM recruit” if you are interested.

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Still Recruiting!

Lets Mine all the rocks until they are dust in the wind.

The war needs more carnage.

I’m Down

Hi we’re here :slight_smile:
Its almost Winter solstice what a great time to play EVE

We build future wrecks and we love doing it.

Hello, mail me in game?

Hi Fish,
I am an old/new player (I have been around since 2004 but have taken extended breaks of years due to getting tired of the CODE types. I have always been a solo/self sufficient type but realize that while I love the mining/industrial/exploration aspects of EVE, the increasingly toxic non-Consensual PvP/suicide ganker playstyle that seems to be condoned by CCP means that there is almost no place for me outside a PvE corp like yours. I’m just not into that part of EVE (part of that may be that I am well beyond college age) but the truth is… I don’t know of any other space-based MMO like this…and the non-PvP parts I completely love.
I am currently in Minmatar space but can relocate nearly anywhere. Please send me an eve-mail and we can chat.

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Looking for more people to make our group stronger! Build all the things

We specialize in Procurering all the minerals

Does industry fuel war or does war fuel industry, EVE may never know

Some interesting stuff in the Upwell 2.0 Dev Blog, we shall see how this effects EVE in the future.

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Is Wednesday a good day to blow a spaceship up? We shall see.

Free tech 1 cruiser of your choice!

What the hell, I’ve been hunting for a good corp for weeks now, I’m at the point where I’d throw a dart at a board to find one just to have people to chat with while doing crap. But I’d like to have a chat first, I’ll see when I can find you online, but I’ll be busy at work for a few days.

Looking for a few brave souls to send into the fray.

Many players in EVE are requesting munitions deliveries!

Hope all made it happily through the annual ganking spree weekend.

This is a pretty neat corp!