Come Learn and Grow with US @ Blackdog Mining and Industries Inc

We are Blackdog Mining and Industries INC.

First, we are a High sec mining corp that is seeking to ease new players and veterans into a group of people that real life comes first, but want to provide support to each other.

Our vision is to build our ranks and seek people that would like to get their feet wet in High Sec supporting each other and would build into a corp that has Low Sec Mining.


  • High Security
  • Alpha Accounts welcome
  • Real Life first


  • Miners
  • Industry
  • Missions
  • Worm Hole

We provide:

  • 90% Jita Buyback of Ore
  • Fleet boost with Porpoise
  • Tips for new players
  • Discord
  • Corp Forums
  • Input on direction from our members
  • Opportunity for leadership within the corp

If you are interested in joining us or have questions please send a mail to Rachel A Moore in game.

Feel free to reply in the thread also. I watch the thread closely as well as in game mail.

As we build our ranks we are still seeking new corp mates. We welcome experienced and new players. If you are experienced and would like the opportunity to share your knowledge with new players please contact me.

I am looking for people that like to be social and have established careers or beyond in real life.

We’ve had good response from the forums in interest in the corp as well as working together with other corps which is great. We are still seeking more corp members and still have room for anyone that is interested in filling in leadership roles or responsibilities.



We are growing! If you have interest in starting in high sec and learning the game and then growing into low sec as a corp check us out!!