Black Fleet Incorporated C4 with C4-C5 static recruiting!

BFI is Recruiting!

C4 corp with C4-C5 static

Black Fleet Incorporated is looking for pilots wanting to up their WH game

or take the first plunge into J-Space.

What we do:

-PVP (duh)

-Advanced Industry

-Gas Huffing

-Mining (sorta)

-Scanning chains and chains of holes for content

-Discord and TS3

What we would like from you:

-15mil SP preferred (exceptions can be made)

-1 alt is recommended (you know, for the boring scanning stuff)

-Willing to learn to and able to scan

-Willing to lose ships in the name of BoB

-Willing to train into doctrine fits

-Willing to use and become familiar with Pathfinder and other WH guides.

What we don’t do:

-Krab constantly

-Not search out content

-CTAs or PAPs

If you are interested in joining please game mail

Vector Casius

LastGunslinger Tull

Trevor Geere

Tas Lynlahanna


In-game recruitment channel BFI Recruitment

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