Black Jackal Salvage- New Players Welcome- Covert Salvage Operations Squadron

Black Jackal Salvage is a new corporation dedicated to low threat, high reward, covert salvage tactics.

New to EVE?
We fully equip you with a company vessel and on the job training to be the best covert salvage operatives in New Eden.

Due to the nature of our operations, we are only hiring 20 members and are currently hiring operator positions! Be advised, team work is essential to the success of our daily operations, so access to voice chat via Discord is required.

Apply now to Black Jackal Salvage or to learn more, join the Black Jackal Salvage chat channel in game!

Fly safe! o/

Good day,
I am a returning player looking for a Corp is willing to help along learning players. I have mostly stayed on the industrial side of the game but I am willing to branch out. I have not done much salvaging but I am interested in giving it a try. Please let me know what the next step is to get accepted into the Corp. Thank you.

Hello Nystel_Kalfren,

Thank you for your inquiry!
You can apply to Black Jackal Salvage under the Corporations in game or join the Black Jackal Salvage chat channel and I’ll invite you to the Corporation and to our Discord (which is a requirement for communication)

We are still filling operator positions for our Alpha team! Two more recruits and we will have our first crew ready to make millions!

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