Black Ops - no covert cloak

You’re literally repeating what I’m saying. It’s a ship used for ganking and is entirely replaceable by any other ship in the regard.

“I can jump into people and gank”.

“it’s a multi person ship”

yea, both true. But in both situations you’d be better with an alt piloting a naked BLOPs and bridging yourself in a T3 cruiser to do the actual fighting. And T3C can use Covops Cloaks.

No, if you’re bridging your T3C to do the killing you’d need a third person.

  1. One ship (bomber, recon, T3C) to tackle and light the cyno,
  2. One ship (blops) to bridge,
  3. One ship (T3C) to do the killing.

What I’m saying is that the blops doesn’t need the ability to warp cloaked, as it can rely on other ships to do that, because of it’s jump drive:

  1. One ship (bomber, recon, T3C) to tackle and light the cyno,
  2. One Black ops battleship to jump and do the killing

See the difference?

The only reason to take the BLOPs with you is to bridge back out again.

Which requires 3 people (at least).

Or you just sit in enemy space with no real cloak and hope you make it out, or use a filament.


I don’t know why i’m arguing with you. I know how BLOPs ganks work> They’re still ganks. The mechanics of the gank are irrelevant to the actual combat ability of the ship.

Err, have you ever used a blops?

You don’t need a covert cloak, filament or third character to make it out alive. Let me explain:

One character has a cyno. The other is the blops.

First character catches someone, lights cyno, blops kills them. Blops warps off to a safe, cloaks up. Cyno character travels elsewhere, being cloaked in warp, and lights the cyno for the blops to jump where it wants to go next, whether that’s the next target or back home.

If you’re playing with someone else who has a cyno, there is zero reason for the blops to take gates in enemy space. You could sit cloaked pretty much 100% of the time, only decloaking to jump right into the next fight, after which you warp to a safe and cloak up again.

It’s simple, because of the jump drive the blops does not need to be able to warp cloaked, it has other ships that do so for you.

You may know how blops ganks work, but you seem to have difficulty understanding the mechanics of that a cyno chararcter can be in two places to allow the blops to make jumps back and forth.

The trick is that the cyno character does not need to be in both places at the same time, but is able to travel from one location to another while the blops safely waits cloaked.

ccp once spoke of calving blops bs , similar to recon cruisers . each race would have two , with different bonus. one fleet-oriented , the other more combat-suited . one was to be covert-cloaked …
that silenced the rabble for a bit …

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This is incorrect. People do fly them around like normal ships, and the cloak speed bonus is amazing for this. A Blops can be off gate in circa 2 secs and is unlockable during this process. If the gate is camped it can burn away cloaked at over 3km/s, virtually impossible to uncloak.