Black Screen after Undocking

I’ve been playing Eve all morning up until server downtime with no issues. Since coming back from downtime I’m now getting a black screen after undocking for 75 seconds!

Is anyone else having this problem?

Edited to add I have tried logging off, closing the client and logging back in again but the last undock I did just now was 107 seconds of black screen.

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:red_circle: That is a common occurrence when you first undock after logging in and has been for a few months now. Totally normal.™


Except it’s not normal. I’ve never had the problem before. It only started after downtime and the black screen is there for between 75 and 110 seconds. And it is every time I undock, not just the first. That is a long way from being normal.

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They allegedly “fixed” the undocking client freeze in today’s patch. Looks like they just plain broke undocking for some people.

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Oh it wasn’t just me…

Happened just once to me. Glad it’s been fixed through.

Shouldnt that be a tiny (TN) :smirk:

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