40 seconds to undock a station?

Happening since yesterday… anyone else experiencing this ?

The actual undock countdown where the undock button keeps flashing or the blackscreen after undocking from the station? The latter has been an issue for months now on the first undock after logging in. CCP Quality Coding.

the blackscreen. And yes for the first undock.

and now i notice that it only happens when undocking the w-space structures. Also in w-space there is a 2-3 seconds lag for any command i issue ( i,.e. reload probes, launch probes, dock to structure ). I am sure its not from my connection because it does not happen with the character i have tested in hisec.

I have that happening in high sec stations and null sec structures as well on the first undock after logging in.

Well, something very similar and weird happened to me yesterday: running two clients on the same computer at the same time. One is lagging - 2 or 3 sec between commands and effects, 10 seconds to open the PP window for example, and the other is responsive like before, ie no delay at all. Both toons are in the same wormhole, so TiDi cannot explain that.
I never saw that before.

Yeah, the lags and delays been getting worse of late.

Looks like TiDi but it is not. Got De-ce-ded on Main + alt, then after log back in got kicked of all chanels… ‘thinks I have no permission to join’… docking takes 1 min, so is undocking and comming back in to the game after connection dropps. Relog helps untill next time. Started yesterday, yes

It’s “normal”, you get black screen for long time or forever when undocking first time from stations. I have to live in a Upwell structure since then, and make sure I leave the game while staying in one, to not lose ships on undock. I already lost a travel ceptor and a BR to black screens, the BR after jumping gate to lowsec.

This can be caused if you opted to install eve with minimum diskspace and your cache was purged.

If you want to be hardcore, tell the launcher to download the entire game and change purging to never.

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installed from offline installer. never changed any settings. 1.5 TB free hdd available.

First ever undock after starting the client. Type of space does not matter. Normal for me for years.

It is caching something i guess…

i also experience this black screen since many years.

I had that happening for at least a year.

You can thank Brain-dead-in-a-box.

I just logged in for the first time in a few days, undocked, and did not have this problem. Undocking was almost instant. I think the problem is related to how you have your client set up, and how that meshes with your PC hardware.

Go to your launcher, go into settings, and if it’s not ticked already, tick the ‘download everything’ box. If the problem keeps up, file a bug report. But I’ve never seen this without substantial lag being present, so I suspect you’re trying to load portions of the game as you go on an HDD and PC hardware that can’t handle that.

I have ‘download everything’ ticked, and I still see this every time on the first undock after logging-on. My own way of dealing with it is either select ‘View outside station’ if available, and don’t undock until the picture is complete, or undock in a capsule first*, then redock and mount your ship. I’m running on Linux, which may or may not be relevant but is probably worth mentioning.

  • I’m talking hisec here.

Downloading the entire game doesn’t help. It has to do with loading the grid for the first time during a session. In a structure if you ‘look outside’ first you won’t have a long delay. In a station undock in something that is not of great value when in a location where gankers prowl. Then dock back immediately and undock in your desired ship/cargo.

When it happens only once after undocking and then subsequently stops, could this have to do with Shader Compilation. Your graphics driver may find it necessary to recompile them after a graphics driver update or a game update.

Does not work when station has too small undock area… By the time you can do anything you can find yourself outside of docking range.

I guess the only option is to use empty pod.

it’s eve , it’s black screens while undock or log in space :smiley: