View Outside Structure for NPC station

We already have this for player own structures. So I think it is logical(and easy?) to have it on NPC station too.

This “should” eliminate the issue of prolonged black screen during first undock from NPC station after login, as it will pre-load the static data of outside space.


Is this the cause of the black screen?

Yes. It only happen the 1st time you undock. It is much faster when you dock up and undock again.

If you jump to another system dock then undock, it will not have the long black screen either, because the static space data is already loaded when you enter the system(when you are staring at the jump animation, it is actually loading data).


Because of the unreliable first undock I’m living in a citadel, and avoid logging out in an NPC station. Also I like watching space and big ships while doing trade stuff.

I don’t think the current implementation show the actual activities(eg, ship in and out) outside the structure, only the static buildings. Or am I mistaken?

You can see the ships and traffic, but no brackets and tactical information.

OOOO, I have to try again, I love watching spaceships!!

Small ships are difficult to spot without brackets, but freighters in one of the Perimeter hubs you won’t miss.

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