First undock after signing in sucks

Why is the first undock so slow and you have to wait like twice as long as usual to appear? Somewhat dangerous and concerning if in a hub that has much scumbaggery surrounding it. I’ve got to the point where I won’t leave any chars in hubs due to the pedestrian undocking process for the first time…after the first one it’s fine.

What the deal with this?

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Everything has been slower since Hamster in a Box.

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Because your GPU is loading large amounts of resources for the first time, after that most of them are cached and the undocks are faster.

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Because unlike Citadels stations don’t have a peek outside function which would let you forcibly load the resources before attempting to undock. Which means they could easily have a “fix.” They just can’t be bothered to do so.

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On the flip side, park at Jita and undock then rest of your whole gaiming session runs smoother.

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“easily” is a relative term, citadels are more akin to ships than they are to stations, as you’re still effectively “in space” in a citadel its easy to add a feature like this, they would basically have to upwell all of the known stations in order to get that feature to work and thats just not worth the effort because i can guarantee something will break and somehow the jita 4-4 station will become vulnerable and be popped causing massive headaches and issues :stuck_out_tongue:

If once popped it drops all the sell order items as loot I am all for this. Though first I should make a few hundred omega accounts multibox fleet just to can scoop like even 0.00001% of the loot drop and make sure they all only take the highest price bling stuff. :smiley:

Thing is, if it did happen they would have to remove the assets and replace the station, which is where the massive headache comes in

Probably. My post was just a joke so skipped that aspect in it.

It’s CCP = Can’t Code Properly.


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