Black screen in dev blogs, news items etc

Earlier today, just before downtime someone in the ingame Help chat channel said they had a problem when clicking on a news item on the launcher, where they just got a balck screen in their browser.

I ch3ecked this myself at the time and also experienced this, when clicking a news item in the Launcher news listing the browser opens, goes to the page, I see the page contents on screen for a split second then I get a blank and black screen.

I thought it must be some temporary glitch and forgot about it but I now just came to the forums and noticed the new dev blog, clicked the link to the blog and get a black screen in the browser. I checked some other dev blogs, and links in the Announcements forum and get the same issue there.

I’ve been reading the forums every day pretty much for the last few years and always read dev blogs and news items etc and have never seen this issue before today.

Windows 8.something IE 11.0.9600.something

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