Black Screen after Logging

After the last update of 11th Feb and today’s update ,when i lunch the client i get the characters window then when i choose one and login i get a black screen and the 'loading resources" circle keeps tuning but nothing happens
i noticed when try and close the client i get the log out confirmation dialogue and i can see the live chat and overview (without the list) and everything else is black
i tried cleaning the cache and verifying the files using the tool and nothing,please help it’s been two days
thank you.

How did you fix this? I just logged in and don’t even get chat or any other parts of the UX. Just c aompletely blank screen. I logged in using DX9 which worked, turned off GPU particles which seemed to work somehow, but then I now can’t get the client to work in normal mode.

This is on two accounts, both docked.

i had to let it download all the resources then it was back to normal, i think it needed some files , so it requires some fast internet

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