Black Templars

Do you wish to be a good soldier?
Do you wish to be a good pirate?
well we do both!

are you looking for:
*Faction Warfare?
*Small PVP operations on corp and alliance level?
*Large scale PVP operations with alliance and coalition?
*Free doctrine ships?
*Ship replacement program for corp/alliance/coalition ops?
This is your place then.

We are looking for:
*Active Pilots - MIA for more than a month will get you kicked! … joking… RL numba 1
*10mil SP and needs to be 1 year in game
*FW pvp background = Bonus
*FULL API nothing less

South African troops most Welcome! and US/UK/AUS/NZ

Proud Bubblers of LXQ and HATERS
Come join us in Eha for some shoot them up fun events!

meet us in TMRCP Recruitment Contact GreenHorns or E Monster in game or in this Topic!

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