Blackout Brigade, Be a part of something

“If [he] shat the bed, he’d applaud himself for not getting any on his pillow.” Does not apply to this guy.

Two bad choices I have no control over but will affect my quality of life; both not for the better. This is a great system. :smiley:

Keep your electric eyes on me, baby.

Huh. I was doing so well.

Simon sez … join Blackout Brigade.

Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’, keep them dogies rollin’ …

Insert witty comment here.

One night out. One night out in a couple of months and I’m wrecked. I don’t wanna be too old for this sh*t!

Burrrrrgerrrrr Kiiiiiing …

Contrary to the rumours you may have heard …

So, where did those days go? I gotta stop huffing marshmallows.

Mac ‘n’ cheese fills my belly, makes me happy.

It’s going to be a real ding dong.

Despite rumours to the contrary, Eve is still very much alive.

The world us unfortunately a cold, hard place.

Well how embarrassing was that typo?

You know what they say. Better out than in. Unless of course better in than out.